Convince swing voters that GOP rhetoric about "opportunity" and low taxes is b.s.

The Christian Science Monitor is reporting, in Buffett Rule: Could it backfire on Democrats?, “Democrats are campaigning for the Buffett Rule, which would ensure millionaires pay federal taxes at a higher tax rate. But polls show ‘fairness’ doesn’t motivate key independent voters.”

Among voters without a strongly held opinion of either Mr. Romney or Obama, 80 percent said they’d be more likely to support a candidate focused on economic growth and opportunity, while 15 percent said they would choose one emphasizing income inequality, according to a poll released Monday by the centrist Democratic group Third Way.

Asking a similar question, the poll found that 51 percent of so-called swing independents favored a candidate arguing for an economy based on opportunity, while 43 percent opted for one making the case for an economy based on fairness.

This is a prime example of the success of conservatives in winning the marketing war. Since the facts, and the ethics, are on our side, we have work to do to educate them to see values our way.

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