Seattle NWroots Conference July 9th

July 9th, there will be a one day Seattle conference for grass roots activists, public policy junkies, politicians, and other liberally minded individuals.

The event, which will be held in Pioneer Square, will feature keynote speaker Ujjal Dosanjh. Mr. Dosanjh currently represents Vancouver-South in Parliament, is a former premier and attorney general of British Columbia, and served as Canada’s Health Minister for more than four years during the Paul Martin administration.

We are very fortunate to get MP Dosanjh, who knows more about single payer healthcare than perhaps anyone in the entire United States, and hope to honor him with a large turnout.

The full day conference will feature keynote speakers plus nine breakout sessions on topics such as single payer healthcare, Afghanistan, unions, electronic voting, Monsanto, and, my favorite, a media panel discussion titled “what in the hell ever happened to journalism”?

We’ll have a screening liberally series with two or three documentaries, a candidates social, and, of course, an after party held at Seattle’s oldest continuously operating saloon.

Registration is only $50 ($25 students), and includes breakfast and lunch.

The low price is heavily subsidized by sponsors and donors, assuming we find any. Otherwise, it will be heavily subsidized by me, and we don’t want that, as Mrs. Sarge would be very unhappy. Any monies left over after expenses will be donated to the Northwest Progressive Institute. If you can’t make the event (or even if you can, for that matter), please consider a donation of any amount.

For the general sessions, we’ll be slummin’ it in Swannies Comedy Underground. Breakout sessions will be held in nearby galleries and clubs.

If you would like to lead a breakout session or have a documentary to submit, please email me at

That’s all for now. I’ll update as we fill in the content.


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