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Winning Alternatives to Sales Tax: Thurs 7pm Seattle

Sisters Organize for Survival meeting: Winning Alternatives to Sales Tax As the Washington state legislature battles out the budget crisis, Governor Gregoire tells the public that elected officials’ choices are either to make cuts in education and human services or increase sales tax. Not true! New York state legislators raised the tax bracket for the […]

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Report on SOS Occupy the Capitol

December 1, Olympia. Day four of protests against proposed budget cuts at the special legislative session. Services Employees International Union (SEIU) and Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) sponsored today’s events. Although there were about 200 unionists in attendance, there was not the swarm of unionists about the capitol campus. The multi-generational SOS contingent included […]

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Victory for Free Speech at the Capitol

A strong victory was awarded today to dozens of Capitol protesters who received warnings banning them from the legislative campus after demonstrating their opposition to $2 billion in proposed state budget cuts. U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Bryan issued a temporary restraining order that prevents the Washington State Patrol from issuing trespass warnings that […]

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Sisters Organize for Survivial Meeting, Thurs. 12/8 at 7pm

Thurs., December 8, 7pm Sisters Organize for Survival meeting: The special session: We came, we protested, we occupied! The special session of the Washington state legislature was met with mass outrage about the proposed $2 billion in cuts to vital services. Come hear eyewitness accounts from folks who marched, demonstrated and participated in civil disobedience […]