The REAL meaning of the Tea Party Movement

More tax cuts for the rich, We don't give a damn about others.

One thing unrealistic about this image is that
the spelling is correct on the signs.



2 Replies to “The REAL meaning of the Tea Party Movement

  1. I overheard a man making a commen that provided insight into how teabaggers think. The man was telling someone that while driving he encountered a very short yellow light, so that the light turned red while he pulled into the intersection. Because of the new electronic traffic violation detectors, he got a ticket. Now he was going to be faced with a substantial fine when he did not intend to cross an intersection at a red light. If he wanted to challenge the ticket he would have to miss work. This man was obviously not a person with a white collar job, so you can see how an ansence would adversely affect his work record, and his pay if he is paid hourly. Then he said, “But Tim Eyman is trying to help us get rid of those cameras.” I heard another story about a person who had served time for growing and selling marijuana. People with a felony on their records are unable to get a job. He became a tea party member because from his point of view the government and the criminal justice system ruined his life een though he felt his crime did not hurt anyone. We can argue that he violated the law, but is it really justice when a man is ruined just over involvement in drugs when he was younger? If you look at the world from his point of view, the government really is the oppressor. And when one out of every 100 people has served time, there are a lot of folks like this guy out there.

  2. I am not saying that I agree with the teabaggers described above. I am just saying that in order to do anything about the problem it is necessary to understand who these people are and how they see the world from their point of view.

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