State Rep. Roger Goodman to run againt Dave Reichert

The Kirkland Views reported on Jan 28, 2011 that

State Rep. Roger Goodman (D) to Challenge Incumbent Dave Reichert (R) for U.S. Congress

What Goodman says on his website seems generic:

I am listening so that I can do my best to negotiate those issues most important to you. Like you, I strongly believe in:

  • fiscal responsibility
  • a strong education system
  • fresh ideas to help create jobs and stabilize the economy
  • protecting the environment to preserve our way of life

My mode of operation is to work both sides of the aisle . . . that’s why the majority of the bills I sponsor get passed in the state legislature and why I know I can do the same for you in Washington, DC. As we continue to struggle through challenging and uncertain times, I believe that we need courageous leadership to help enact fundamental reforms that could prevent future fiscal disasters.

All his talk about fiscal responsibility could be defensive politicking, or it could indicate a conservative mentality.

Anyone know about him?



One Reply to “State Rep. Roger Goodman to run againt Dave Reichert

  1. Under what redistricting plan are Goodman and Reichert in the same district? Goodman is in the 45th LD and is in Inslee’s district (first Congressional district), to the best of my knowledge. Reichert is in Bellevue and I think he is in the 8th. Is there something we don;t know yet about Congressional redistricting that would put these two in the same race? So far this makes no sense to me.

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