Nazi trolls in a Bernie Sanders area of Second Life

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Nazi in Second Life

Nazi in Second Life

Nazi in Second Life

Harassment notice in Second Life

A Bernie supporter sent me this snippet of overheard conversation:

[20:26]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): our leaders are flesh eating iguanas
[20:27]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): my problem with bernie is
[20:27]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): he thinks the democrat party should adopt 
his socialist jew views
[20:28]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): and im not racist but no jew should hold 
the highest postion of the country
[20:29]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): hitler hated them for a reason bernie was
 prophesied, this is exactly what Adolph wanted to prevent
[20:29]  T..... L........: I thought you're for Shillary
[20:29]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): oh i am
[20:30]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): dear lord i love that reptile
[20:30]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i): she and bill need to be crowned king and 
queen of america
[20:32]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i) has left chat range.
[20:32]  Dortha Wildcrest (goodtime69i) has left the sim.






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