K12 INC costs the jobs of 10,000 teachers in the US – including 500 here in Washington State

We should offer our students better and more reliable online educational opportunities, but …

Online education has tremendous potential to help some students in some situations. But online education also requires very careful oversight to insure that our students are being served and that our tax dollars are being well spent. Recently there have been meetings in our community promoting two online programs – Snoqualmie Valley Virtual Academy and Washington Virtual Academy. Both of these programs turn out to be sub-divisions of a private for-profit corporation called K12 INC which last year diverted over $700 million away from our public schools and into the pockets of Wall Street Hedge Fund managers. Nationally and here in Washington State, K12 INC has a dismal record whereby only one in four students who enter this program graduate from high school. Half of the students who enter this program quit in their first year! In this report, we will examine why K12 INC programs fail and how we can offer students a better alternative.

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