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The Only Real Solution to our Economic Problems is Active Democracy

In a recent article in the Los Angeles Time, economist James Galbraith argues that “Stimulus Alone was Never going to bring Recovery.” See,0,843976.story I agree in part with his solution: “Let’s build a new financial system to serve public purpose and private business. And let’s start to act on our actual needs and problems: […]

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Gregoire Begins to See the Light…Warns of Ten Percent State Budget Cut

Months ago, I stated that, because our State Budget is based on an assumption that State revenue would grow by 14% during the next two years, our State Budget is a House of Cards. I noted that because our economy is not growing, State revenue is not likely to grow at all. See   […]

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Economic Consequences of a Federal Government Default

As the odds of a first-time-in-history federal default grow larger, it is worth considering the economic consequences of a default. A default would place at risk up to $160 billion in federal payments just for the month of August. As each billion dollars lost per month translates into jobs for up to 20,000 people, a […]

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Why it is Important to the Peace Movement to keep Dennis Kucinich in Congress

I  think all this talk about allowing Republicans in Ohio to gerrymander Dennis Kucinich out of Congress fails to consider the bigger picture. If  we in the Peace Movement lose Dennis’s voice in Congress, who will lead  the cause of peace in what has become a war-mongering nation? No one in  Congress has been more […]

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Should we Democrats stay silent as our house burns down?

Friends and fellow Democrats, Our house is on fire. The fate of one million children is in that burning house. Our public schools are on in danger of collapse.  In 2008, we were 47th in the nation in school funding. Since then, billions more have been cut. The fire is growing worse every day and […]