Hunger Strike Song

This video might be challenging for some viewers, because of the people of color, the rap-inspired chant, and its (quite reasonable!) support for the rights of the (innocent) Muslims who are hunger-striking.

I posted the video in accordance with the email I received:

The Peace Poets and Witness Against Torture have collaborated on a Hunger Strike Video [shown above] that WE NEED YOUR HELP posting, sharing & promoting.  If you are on Facebook, please share directly from the
Witness Against Torture Page (& ‘like’ the page if you haven’t already).

Friday, May 17marks the 100th day of the Guantanamo Hunger Strike.  A coalition has formed to hold International Days of Action against Guantanamo from May 17-19. 

Hunger Strike Song Performance in Times Square!
It’s time to sing our hearts out for Justice!  Join us on Friday, May 17, 5pm in Times Sqaure b’twn 43rd and 44th to do a mass sing along of the Hunger Strike Song.  Come and join and raise the volume of the people’s
voice demanding an end to torture and indefinite detention.
Fast for Justice

Choose May 17, 18 or 19 to participate in a one-day solidarity fast, and let us know that you are participating.  May 17 Global call-in action: Call the White House or the US embassy in your country.  The White
House comment line number is 202.456.1111

White House Protest, Petition Delivery, an Nonviolent Resistance: May 17, 12-1pm

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