Badass Teachers target Microsoft for avoiding taxes

Tell Bill Gates that Microsoft needs to carry their fair share of the tax burden now if he REALLY wants to help the vulnerable

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation promotes the privatization of public schools and were influential in donating in support of the Washington State charter schools initiative, I-1240, in 2010.

The registered sponsor for the initiative was the League of Education Voters. I-1240 campaign was funded partly by a “handful” of Puget Sound area billionaires, including Bill Gates, Paul Allen and the parents of Jeff Bezos. [3] [16][17] Alice Walton was also among the top five contributors. [18][19] The measure was also endorsed by Stand for Children.

For details about the Black Friday Microsoft protest see Don’t wait for #BlackFriday. #BoycottMicrosoft WORLDWIDE now!

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