Washington Liberals is a website meant to fulfill the vision for progressive messaging expressed in the following proposal:

How the Left can better market its message

The website will be community-owned, with multiple editors from various lefty groups. That way no one person or small group of people will dominate the site.  Also, quality and acceptance will be high.

Editing will be light, at first. We’ll disallow spam, hate speech, and personal insults, as well as right wing trolls. Later, we’ll probably give priority to original, quality articles.

My hope is that various lefty groups agree, out of shared self-interest, to share ownership of a site.  This will realize a different model of progressivism: one based on cooperation and not competition. The Left needs more cooperation to beat back the conservative onslaught of demagoguery and distortions and corruption.

There is a Yahoo group WA-Liberals (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wa-liberals/) that you can join if you want to discuss issues by email.

If you’re interested in being an editor, please let me (Don Smith).

About me. It’s fair for readers to know something about me, Don Smith. I consider myself a progressive Democrat, aligned, perhaps, with Dennis Kucinich and Progressive Democrats of America. I’m a PCO in the 41st LD in Bellevue. I’m not a socialist. I’m NOT a 9/11 truther. I’m not a radical. I’m opposed to violence. I don’t think all corporations are evil. (I work as a programmer at a company in downtown Seattle.) I try not to be consumed by anger. But, I am angry and scared about the right wing’s ability to quickly recover from their losses in 2006 and 2008. I find President Obama way too “centrist” and compromising. There are many good Democrats, but there also are too many Blue Doggish Democrats who use progressive rhetoric to get your votes but in the end vote with Republicans to betray Democratic and progressive values.

Like PDA, I am willing to work both within and without the Democratic Party.