Why Obama should be challenged in the Primary

Obama should be challenged in the primary not just because he has failed to stand up to Republicans, but also to take advantage of an opportunity of getting the “message” out. To debunk the obscene lies that should have been debunked decades ago but have been intentionally reinforced and willfully ignored by the corporate media.

Let’s face it Obama has compromised and capitulated on every single issue that Republicans have irrationally, unreasonably pushed too far on and has moved him (and us) farther and farther to the right… wing.

The outrage of the Republicans pretending to care about the debt and jobs but holding hostage unemployment benefits so they can continue the obscene tax breaks for the rich which hurts jobs and puts us another trillion in the hole should have Obama and the whole country outraged. But unfortunately neither Obama or enough people are.

Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on but Obama doesn’t take advantage of the obvious and capitulates with their terrorist-like demands. And this last “deal”, with no tax increases for the rich at the expense of our countries most precious programs is an abomination!

The Republican party with their power abusive corporate agenda are part of a sick deep infection to our society!

But in order to fight this infection/sickness/cancer we need for the public to “wake up” and smell the dystopia.

Not only do we need a president who will stand up to it and fight aggressively and loudly against this malignant process (corporate take-over) but also to acknowledge that it exists!

We need a strong leader to fight this and to expose these corporate puppets for what they really are and explain in great detail what really is happening. To express very clearly the danger our country is in and force enough of the people to realize the urgency and the danger before it’s too late.

Unfortunately Obama won’t do that.

We need a challenger to Obama to force the publics awareness of the truth.

We need to have an avenue to get our message out to the mainstream media. We need a challenger to express the voice of the rational, that will have to be covered by the mainstream media of ABC, NBC and CBS.

A challenger to Obama will have to be covered media wise, especially in any debates between the two. It doesn’t matter if the primary challenger wins or loses (well ok it does), but most importantly that he or she speaks loudly and clearly about this outrage of compromise and capitulation with a party that is extremely, intensely, dangerously sociopathic. A party (criminal in my opinion) that is no longer rational or reasonable (if it ever really was in the first place).

A party that acts more like domestic terrorists then political opponents. A “party” that has no interest in fairness, justice, the middle class, the disadvantaged, the needy, the common wealth or the greater good.  A party that will stop at nothing to increase the power of it’s corporate masters at the expense of everyone else.

The latest lie told by Obama is that there is going to be “shared” pain and sacrifice on both sides. How outrageous. There isn’t any pain or sacrifice on the one side, the power side, only on the same vulnerable power-less side as always!

The country needs a lesson in economics and needs someone to debunk the most dangerous lies.

LIE: Money magically “trickles down” from the top to the bottom. – trickles down to who? – the top share holders? –   and creates jobs for who and what pay and conditions? – and what percentage of the lower 98% are getting these supposed jobs and money? If money really “trickles down” than why is the money all trapped at the top while the middle class is shrinking?

LIE: Tax increases for the rich (or on anybody) hurt job creation – It’s the opposite, more revenue creates more jobs.

LIE: We are broke and we can’t afford to invest in the people – It’s the opposite, we can’t afford NOT to! – And we are not Broke! – We are the wealthiest nation in the world but most of the money is distributed to the top few.

LIE:  We need to cut spending at the expense of everything else (supply side economics) – Again the opposite, we need to spend more to create jobs, invest in people, infrastructure and technology which stimulates the economy.

LIE: There is a liberal media bias – It’s the opposite again, it’s a corporate/conservative media bias.

LIE: Government doesn’t create jobs – Tell that to GM

LIE: The invisible hand of the market will regulate the economy naturally – 8 years of Bush has disproven that myth along with the rest of these lies.

LIE: Republicans care about debt, jobs or people – No they only care about one thing, POWER

There are many more extremely dangerous lies but these are a few of the worst ones and they need to be powerfully and globally debunked!

Someone has to teach the low information voters the truth. A powerful speaker debating with Obama could possibly accomplish this.



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