Welcome, WA State Liberals!

To turn back the tide of conservative marketing, the Left needs to build an effective, community-edited media presence. The aim of the website and blog

Washington Liberals (http://waliberals.org/)

is to be an open, community-edited messaging center for WA State progressives and liberals to exchange information and plans and gripes and hopes and schemes. It has articles, links, comments, videos, RSS feeds and a calendar.

There are multiple editors already, and our aim, at first, is to maintain a light touch, editing away only spam, hate speech, and right wing b.s. Later, as the site grows, we’ll edit for features like writing quality and length, and we’ll add more structure. Expect some excitement and fights!

Let’s do our part to take back America from the forces on the right who want to turn America into a banana republic. We need good government that serves the people, not just the rich.


3 Replies to “Welcome, WA State Liberals!

  1. Patty Murray says Chained CPI is on the table?

    Write her. Call her.

    “Entitlement reform” is a sly way of saying “benefit cut”.

    Don’t do it Patty. Don’t do it.

  2. Never heard of you before today. Must be because we in SW Washington are forced to watch only Oregon news stations. We can’t even get public radio or tv here except on the internet.
    Unfortunately for most older adults, like my husband and I, we’re not quite that knowledgeable or even interested in being that “wired”. lol
    I’m a Washington native and that’s been a lifelong peeve. We should have the right to see television from our OWN state.
    Other than that, I would love to see our government run like it was before Richard Nixon took office. We all blame Reagan for making the biggest changes, but it was Nixon who started it with one small change to banking rules.
    It’s like I always said, you let greed win in a small way and before you know it, it’s running everything.
    Now, being in our late 50’s, we have nothing much to look forward to except a nice warm cardboard box under a bridge at retirement. The rug was pulled out from under us during the Reagan admin and although we’ve worked hard all our lives, we have next to nothing saved.
    We raised 3 sons to be the kind of people you would love to have living next door. They’re good citizens. Our only mistake was in having sent our talented artists to a Private college in Seattle that promised much and gave little. They insisted that we, their parents, had to sign the loan documents so it is all our responsibility to make the payments.
    Our sons did not get jobs in the fields they were trained for and 12 years later are still earning little more than minimum wage.
    So, every month, $500 goes to the college loan and not into a retirement account and there’s nothing we can do.

    My father worked 44 years for Boise Cascade paper mill in Vancouver and retired with a pension and medical coverage. He was lucky.

    Disappointed Democrat in Washington.

  3. I am the Chair of the African American Political Action Committee of Washington State and obviously would be interested in working closely with my liberal colleagues. Would love to stay in touch and share information on how we can develop a resource base to truly be effective in year a round voter registration and information campaigns.

    See my page and Afri-Pac page on Face book. It is the political center of the Black community.

    Charlie Jame 271-4050

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