Medicare for none?

Many activists on the Left want Medicare for all.  But the way things are going, it seems we’re more likely to get Medicare for none.   Many conservatives believe that last year’s health care reform bill, with its mandated participation, is unconstitutional.   “Federal Judge Roger Vinson of the Northern District of Florida, in a lawsuit by 26 state attorney generals, has held that Obamacare is unconstitutional”  (source).  And it seems likely that next year the Supreme Court will get to decide the case, since various lower courts have weighed in with differing opinions (source).

In recent rulings, the Supreme Court has concurred with Justice Clarence Thomas and radically re-interpreted the First Amendment (on Citizens United) and the Second Amendment (on gun rights).  According to this New Yorker article, Thomas’ next target is the Eighth Amendment: declaring “Obamacare”, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare unconstitutional.   Don’t think it can’t happen.    Be scared. Be very scared. Take action.

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