Join the local fight to free Marissa Alexander

Free Marissa Alexander

The terrible injustice of the not-guilty verdict for Trayvon Martin’s killer has brought Marissa Alexander’s racist and sexist treatment by Florida courts to center-stage of U.S. and world attention. It is infuriating to think how a white man used Stand Your Ground to avoid any penalties for killing a Black teenager, while a Black woman is serving a 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot that injured no one to stop an attack by her abusive husband. As the national Free Marissa Now campaign has stated: ” The dramatically different outcomes of these cases is a lesson in how the criminal justice system routinely fails to support black people who defend themselves from violence on the streets, in their homes, and from institutions.”

Please come to the next meeting of the Pacific Northwest Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander to discuss how we in Seattle can be part of winning freedom for this woman.


Wednesday, July 24, 6:30pm
LEMS Life Enrichment Bookstore
5023 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118


Join the movement to uphold women’s right to self-defense and to end racism and sexism in the criminal justice system. Please like the Facebook pages for “Pacific Northwest Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander” and “Free Marissa Now”

For more information, contact FreeMarissaPNW@gmail.com, 206-722-6057.

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