A lot of folks are in a transition state this week.

I got word through the Olympia grapevine that Bix, Father William Bichsel, is being moved to Tennessee now to face prosecution for one of his earlier peace actions. Bix is one of the Plowshares defendants who are being jailed for their peace action against the nuclear weapons stored at Bangor.

Here’s a short message from Bix:

“I know I’m getting weaker – it takes all my strength and breath to make my bunk. I have to sit down a few times in the process. It takes all I have now to do one or two slow shuffles around the common area.

I don’t feel panicked or upset about my condition. I know I can keel over at any time; but I feel very much at peace with this condition and understand and accept it – thankfully – as part of my journey.”

Strange world. Bix is in jail and Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush are out and about.

Meanwhile, in Egypt, the Mubarak clan is reported to be under arrest and investigation for corruption. I can’t figure out why/how the Mubaraks were unable to see that this was going to happen. They fled Egypt and hid in Sharm Al Sheikh. Not too smart. Come on, you stashed money abroad, you have real estate in London, take it on the lam. I lost my wager from a few months back about when Hosni would fly out of Egypt, but I was not the big loser, Hosni was. Hosni is 82, about the same age as Bix. One is a hero, the other is a fool. You can sort it out.

In Gaza, Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni was killed by extremists this past week. It’s another case of fools punishing the wrong person, in the wrong way. It’s a case of a person paying the ultimate price for staying and engaging in the struggle for human rights, for peace and justice, even when they knew that mayhem and death were around the next corner. But in contrast to the foolishness of Hosni fleeing to the resort town of Sharm al Sheikh, Vittorio chose the selfless path of staying in Gaza to work with the Gazan people. To share their suffering and their struggle for the right to live free from oppression.

I am working on video editing. It’s taking a lot of my spare waking hours, so my blogging is down a bit. Fight the good fight with love and courage. Lay down your arms.

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