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Calling the war in Ukraine “unprovoked” is as much a lie as ….

Calling the war in Ukraine “unprovoked” is as much a lie as saying Sadaam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was behind 9/11. Calling the war in Ukraine “unprovoked” is as much a lie as General Westmoreland’s claims that the war in Vietnam was going well. Calling the war in Ukraine “unprovoked” is as […]

Military Force Military Spending Ukraine War War

Concise summary of the self-licking ice cream cone

The U.S. aggressively expanded NATO, knowing that Russia would respond by invading Ukraine. That’s what the Pentagon’s own think tank, The Rand Corporation, told it, and it’s what many senior U.S. diplomats warned about. As even Thomas Friedman said, in the New York Times, the U.S. is not innocent in the Ukraine crisis.  The military-industrial complex […]

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Dennis Kucinich’s cogent interview about the war in Ukraine and U.S. foreign policy

Dennis Kucinich’s extended interview with Aaron Mate’ is cogent: Dennis Kucinich: where are the pro-peace Democrats?. He speaks well. Kucinich sounds clear-headed, informed, and inspiring. He discusses what the proxy war with Russia says about the U.S. attempts to maintain a unipolar world. Here’s my summary of his interview, with quotations. “Once the United States […]

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Andrew Bacevich of Quincy Institute: Be wary of the NY Times and WA Post, The Ukraine war is neither good nor necessary

From The Chris Hedges Report: Soldiers speak out against America’s misguided wars. In their new book, veterans Andrew Bacevich  [president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft] and Danny Sjursen describe how the realities of war expose the lies told by generals and politicians about American goodness and virtue. Chris Hedges (interviewer) Andrew Bacevich, a […]

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Warnings about Ukraine from top Western strategic thinkers

I saw this on fb, which had a link to  It complements my How the U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine: A Compendium. The fascinating thing about the #Ukraine war is the sheer number of top #Western strategic thinkers and scholars who have warned for years that it was coming if NATO continued down the […]