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Summary of The Sugar High of Unipolarity: Why U.S. Military Interventions Increased after the Cold War

The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft had a zoom meeting The Sugar High of Unipolarity: Why U.S. Military Interventions Increased after the Cold War with speakers Monica Duffy Toft, Sidita Kushi, and John Mearsheimer. Toft and Kushi are authors of the following paper in the Journal of Conflict Resolution: Introducing the Military Intervention Project: A […]

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Andrew Bacevich of Quincy Institute: Be wary of the NY Times and WA Post, The Ukraine war is neither good nor necessary

From The Chris Hedges Report: Soldiers speak out against America’s misguided wars. In their new book, veterans Andrew Bacevich  [president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft] and Danny Sjursen describe how the realities of war expose the lies told by generals and politicians about American goodness and virtue. Chris Hedges (interviewer) Andrew Bacevich, a […]

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Warnings about Ukraine from top Western strategic thinkers

I saw this on fb, which had a link to  It complements my How the U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine: A Compendium. The fascinating thing about the #Ukraine war is the sheer number of top #Western strategic thinkers and scholars who have warned for years that it was coming if NATO continued down the […]

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Roger Waters (from Pink Floyd) works to raise awareness of the costs of militarism

Roger Waters, the 78 year old creative genius behind the progressive rock band Pink Floyd, is launching the This is Not a Drill Tour.  Checkout  that web page for tour dates and venues.  He’ll be in Portland, Oregon on Sept 10 and in Tacoma on Sept 16.  He’ll be at many other cities before and […]


George Beebe (Dick Cheney’s former Russia aide) on why we need a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine

George Beebe was Dick Cheney’s former Russia adviser. He authored the 2019 book The Russia Trap: How Our Shadow War with Russia Could Spiral into Nuclear Catastrophe.   He is Director of Grand Strategy at Quincy Institute but is no left-wing pacifist.  Beebe says in this interview on WABC that he supports U.S. efforts to aid […]

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Can a moderate left coalition stop Republican extremism?

In an essay Are We Doomed? from The Atlantic in January of 2022, George Packer warned of the dangers to our democracy from Republican extremism, in particular with regards to elections.  His prescription for stopping Republican extremism is that a coalition of Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans should overlook minor areas of disagreement.  He says […]

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Putin is a neocon’s dream come true

I suspect that many antiwar activists are upset not just about the outbreak of war in Ukraine but also by the fact that Putin’s stupid and evil invasion makes U.S. aggressive policies seem reasonable. Putin has managed to unite the world behind U.S. militarism, and U.S. public opinion seems solidly against Putin, as it should […]


Summary of interview with Peter Kuznick about Ukraine

Mickey Huff, the third director of Project Censored, interviews American University historian Peter Kuznick, co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States. They discuss the current U.S. and NATO confrontation with Russia over Ukraine; summarize the recent history of Ukraine and U.S. relations, while placing current affairs in Cold War context; and emphasize the […]