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Robert Wright’s Nonzero and the growth of cooperative complexity

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny, is an ambitious book, with a title that one might deem grandiose. But the author, Robert Wright, crafts a satisfying, readable tour de force that synthesizes human history, anthropology, game theory, biology, and ethics. The book first explores the evolution of human societies towards larger and more complex social […]

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How Seattle police aided the neo-Nazis in the anti-Sharia protest

Multiple credible sources have reported that the Seattle police harassed counter-protesters but protected anti-Sharia marchers participating in Saturday’s anti-Sharia law march in Seattle. https://patch.com/washington/seattle/seattle-anti-sharia-protest-counter-protest-15-pictures http://komonews.com/news/local/anti-muslim-rally-counter-protests-expected-in-seattle I got permission to copy the post of a friend of  friend, below.   My apologies for the anonymity and “hearsay” nature of this evidence.  Someone at my work attended […]

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On Jim McDermott's Town Hall about Syria

Sunday night Rep. Jim McDermott met with constituents to discuss the situation in Syria. McDermott is “very strongly” leaning against voting for the so-called “limited response,” comparing it to the misguided attack on Iraq. Such adventures have unintended consequences, even if the architects have the noblest of intentions. McDermott is worried about the long-term consequences […]

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How to achieve Results through Kingian Nonviolence

A condensed version of Positive Peace Warrior Network’s multi-day training in the principles and methods of Martin Luther King in how to achieve success in social/political change through nonviolent campaigns. This was edited further from 3 hours at a Fellowship of Reconciliation retreat to 1 hour for your convenience.

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Independent Report on May Day Critical of Seattle Police

Youtube video of news report here: MTC FSRN Report_0001 Originally broadcast April 4, 2013 @ Free Speech Radio News on the Pacifica Network. FSRN broadcasts on 110 stations globally! Link to news report @ FSRN: News Report For Free Speech Radio News on the Pacifica Network fsrn.org pacifica.org Reporter: Mark Taylor-Canfield “Seattle’s city council questioned […]

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Rep. Adam Smith and military spending

Washington’s Rep. Adam Smith of the 9th Congressional District is the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.  Smith figures prominently in the Jan 28 issue of the The New Yorker, in the article “The Force” about the power and cost of the military-industrial complex and about America’s obsession with violence and militarism. At […]

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Violcence-lovers taking over some Occupy groups

The Occupy Wall Street facebook page http://www.facebook.com/OccupyWallSt1 seems to have been hijacked by violence-loving Black Bloc members (or by infiltrators pretending to be such). I often see postings glorifying violence: images of protesters breaking windows or fighting police, with captions like “USA, GET SOME GREEK SPIRIT!” (See this image, for example.) This is bad news […]

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"The poison must be smashed, each and every way": Trouble on Occupy Facebook pages

Today on the Occupy Wall Street facebook page, I saw a posting with the following ugly image and the caption “(H) The poison must be smashed, each and every way.” Thankfully, most of the comments were critical of the violence: … Occupy beware of infiltrators and figures of lesser inteligence 2 hours ago · Like […]