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Tax-break Boeing needs to get to work

So how about that $8.7 billion tax give-away Boeing just received to build the 777X? We have been here before. In 2003, the Legislature excused Boeing from $4 billion in taxes, in order to build the 787 in our state. What happened to that $4 billion? Over $1 billion was used to construct a copycat […]

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Union Busting Doesn’t Pay Off for Boeing

When Boeing announced in 2009 that it would invest $750 million in a new South Carolina production plant to build the 787 Dreamliner, the airplane giant said it needed to cut down on costs being driven up by unions. After years of battling with machinists unions, Boeing moved to non-unionized South Carolina where workers’ benefits […]

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Fast food workers strike, but where's the coverage?

The Nation is reporting today “Beginning at 10:30 PM Pacific Time Wednesday, workers at dozens of Seattle fast food locations plan to strike, launching the nation’s seventh work stoppage by fast food employees in eight weeks. Organizers expect workers from chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, Arby’s, Chipotle, Qdoba, and Jack in the […]

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Physicans for a National Health Program Western WA's meeting on May 4 at UW

Saturday May 4, 7PM Kane Hall Rm 120, UW Speakers: Andy Coates, MD (National President, PNHP), Gerald Friedman, PhD (Professor, Dept of Economics, U MA), Jeff Johnson (President, WA State Labor Council). Welcome by Congressman Jim McDermott.

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Boeing moves operations to South Carolina despite Washington State tax breaks

Boeing pays no state sales tax and received tax breaks worth between 2 and 3 billion dollars from the Washington State legislature. (See Huge tax breaks for aerospace didn’t deliver many new jobs.) But The Seattle Times reports today: Washington worries as Boeing pours $1B into S.C.  Partly the shift to South Carolina is in […]

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Wed. Dec 5 Rallies to support Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

On Wednesday, December 5th, AFGE Local 3937 will lead actions statewide to support Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid. The locations and times are below. The message will be: No cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, including cost of living adjustments No more office closings, reduced service hours, pushing of Internet self-service, or staffing cuts […]

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The Battle of Blair Mountain

Alan Grayson sent out an email about this. He asked: “Now let me ask you one thing: had you ever heard of this landmark event in American history, the Battle of Blair Mountain, before you read this? And if not, then why not? Think about that.” “The Battle of Blair Mountain was one of the […]

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Labor Notes: Why Did So Many Workers Vote for Walker?

From … We progressive labor people might smugly shake our heads and ask, how can these people vote against their own interests? While some of them are serious cultural conservatives or racists, probably a majority legitimately see themselves as actually voting in their own self interest. People struggling to get by on $12-15 an […]