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Trade Talks Open In Utah, Secrecy Spurs Protests

By Tom Harvey, Above photo: (Jim McAuley | The Salt Lake Tribune) Bill Moyer, executive director of the Backbone Campaign, and Raphael Cordray of the Utah Tar Sands Resistance speak to demonstrators gathered to protest the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, November 19, 2013. Note: The […]

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Create a FLUSH the TPP! Visibility Action on Tuesday, Nov. 12

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use Fun Visibility Tactics To Pull The TPP Corporate Coup out of the Shadows November 12th is a day of action in collaboration with Backbone Action Brigades, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch,, Popular Resistance, WFTC, and YOU! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     FLUSH the TPP! Visibility Actions on Tuesday, Nov. 12 Mobilize a Backbone Action […]

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DeFazio on the secret Trans Pacific Partnership "free trade" negotiations

US Representative Peter DeFazio addresses Congress on the pitfalls of the secret “free” trade agreement known as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. This video predates Japan joining the TPP . . . listen to the “hit” the US car industry will take with Japan joining . . . it also predates US Representative Alan Grayson […]

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This "trade deal" STINKS! FLUSH the TPP dot ORG – REPORT from the frontline

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This “trade deal” STINKS! FLUSH the TPP dot ORG REPORT from the frontline of the battle for human dignity over the lust for power…. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m writing from Baltimore after a few days of preparation for operation FLUSH the TPP! The TPP is a “trade agreement” to hijack our social contract and replace it […]

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TPP harms us all

Trans-Pacific Partnership, the new trade agreement being created in secret, would flood us with unsafe Millions more offshored U.S. jobs. Floods of unsafe food. Corporate attacks on our environmental and health laws. The cliff is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) “free trade” agreement. Trade negotiators want to sign it this year. But you can help stop […]

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Raising alarms about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): worse than NAFTA

America: A Fire Sale to Foreign Corporations The leaked document reveals that the trade agreement would give unprecedented political authority and legal protection to foreign corporations.  Specifically, TPP would (1) severely limit regulation of foreign corporations operating within U.S. boundaries, giving them greater rights than domestic firms, (2) extend incentives for U.S. firms to move  […]