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Counter the lobbyists who occupy Olympia

I rode to work in the dark this morning, and I will probably ride home in the dark this evening. It’s that time of year, the sun rising later and setting earlier, Halloween right around the corner, and winter and darkness impending. The nation’s mood is equally darkening, and things are not much better here […]

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Tax the 1%

Organized by Brad Newsham As reported by Susan Harman: The amazing Brad Newsham did it again today. He got 1,000 of us out to Ocean Beach, at the end of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, to lie down on the sand and spell out TAX THE 1%. Two SF Supervisors joined us. I was proud […]

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Conservative Think Tank WPC is Ambivalent about I-1125

Washington Policy Center is a conservative think-tank that supported I-1053, opposed I-1098, and has in general promoted business interests over workers, the environment, and the middle class. So I was surprised that their Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 1125 is balanced (presents both sides of the issue).   WPC seems to be leaving it up to the […]

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Big protest at Westlake Park, noon Saturday

Progressives of all stripes are converging at Westlake Center in Seattle tomorrow at noon for a big protest against corruption and injustice. Joining hundreds of similar protests around the country, activists will be saying loud and clear: We’re fed up with the out-of-control corruption, war-mongering, injustice, and lack of accountability of our political system. The […]

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How can WA Dems pressure Senator Murray to stand firm?

I’ve heard from several activists that their efforts to talk to Senator Murray and her staff are having little success I’m a member of the Healthy WA Coalition, along with about 100 groups, and so far, even though our efforts have made the news and rated a (negative) op-ed in the Seattle Times, we haven’t […]

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Ask the Right Question – on jobs and the tax code

The Young Turks have an entertaining video up from a town hall meeting with Representative Hultgren. It’s short and tells the story. The woman asks the right question about the Bush tax cuts, prosperity and job creation. The same question could/should be asked in a broader time frame. Since 1980, the tax table has been […]

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Sen. Cantwell sponsors extension of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit

At a forum on low income housing and homelessness prevention Friday, August 26, Sen. Maria Cantwell discussed the bill that she is co-sponsoring with Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe to extend and strengthen the affordable housing tax credit.  The forum took place at the Salishan housing development in Tacoma and was attended by about 300 people […]