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Women: “Can I have birth control?” Republicans: “No.” Women: “I couldn’t get birth control so I got pregnant. Can I have an abortion?” Republicans: “No.” Women: “I had the baby, but I’m out of work. Can I have WIC and food stamps until I get back on my feet?” Republicans: “No.” Women: “I found a […]

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The Sex-Negative Message in the Virgin Birth—It’s Worth a Family Conversation

The birth story of baby Jesus celebrates the promise of new life, but for girls it also sends a harmful message. How can we acknowledge this without spoiling the rest? Most Americans, even many who are not very religious, look forward to Christmas as a time to celebrate warmth, friendship, generosity and good cheer. Familiar festivities […]

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42 Splices and Counting: Nine Facts You Should Know About the Planned Parenthood Smear Campaign

Imagine that someone hated you (or your company) and wanted to make you look bad. So, he pretended to be a friend or colleague, went to your events, repeatedly asked you to meetings or lunch, gained your trust, and then spent two years recording private conversations. Could he find stuff that would make you sound […]

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The Yuck Factor — What Planned Parenthood Smears, Homophobia, and Middle School Jokes Have in Common

Medical procedures and research are yucky. Good healthcare means getting over it. If religious conservatives have their way, reproductive healthcare will be dictated by the same psychology that drives middle school jokes about genitals, dead babies and poop—our instinctive squeamish reaction to things that are disgusting and shocking, especially if they relate to sex. Good thing […]

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Aging liberals have way more sex

Another reason to be liberal. According to 75 Years In The Making: Harvard Just Released Its Epic Study On What Men Need To Live A Happy Life, With regards to sex lives, one of the most fascinating discoveries is that aging liberals have way more sex.  Political ideology had no bearing on overall life satisfaction, […]

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Who Aborts the Most Fertilized Eggs? Families Like the Duggars

by Valerie Tarico A woman who values fertilized eggs or who believes her deity does should use the most highly effective contraceptive available. Most fertilized eggs spontaneously abort during the first weeks of life. Estimates of death before implantation range as high as 80 percent and bottom out around 45. More than thirty percent of […]

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Orgasm, Inc. The Strange Science of Female Pleasure

This humorous documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look into the ploy by pharmaceutical companies to create a new disease for profit – “female sexual dysfunction.” It illustrates how people are manipulated into thinking they have a physical problem to increase revenues for Big Pharma. Open discussion will be kicked off by Susan Traff, a licensed mental […]


Nice work if you can get it

There’s a clever Gershwin song Nice work if you can get it which contains the lines: Holding hands at midnight, beneath a starry sky. Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try. What’s funny to me about the lyrics is the suggestion that romance is work. Of course, […]

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Testimony Given at WA Health Dept. Hearing on Certificate of Need Rules – Nov. 26, 2013

There were probably 80 – 100 people at the WA Health Dept. Hearing on hospital mergers including reps from the SEIU, ACLU, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Secular Humanists, Catholic Watch, etc, along with 30+ of our petition signers, a Hospital Administrators Assoc. Rep. and the general public. Of those testifying, at least 90% expressed that […]

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Making Marriage Last – Do Atheists Do It Better?

Conservative Christians think of themselves as the last line of defense for a time honored and holy tradition, marriage. In the conservative Christian view, marriage is a sacred union ordained by God. It binds one man and woman together so that the “two become one flesh” until they are parted by death. This view of […]