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Passed by 32nd LD Dems: Resolution Condemning the Actions of Senators Tom and Sheldon

Whereas Senator Rodney Tom ran as a Democrat in 2010 in the 48th Legislative District; and Whereas Senator Tom received over $25,000 from the State Democratic Party and $44,000 in in-kind donations from the Senate Democratic Caucus in 2010, and additional support and resources from the 48th District Democrats; and Whereas Senator Tim Sheldon ran […]

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Brendan William's frank analysis of the Rodney Tom debacle, and the Dems' dilemma

Former progressive legislator Brendan Williams says, in The Inevitable Republican Coup and Its Inevitable Silver Lining, that the Democrats’ embracing of Rodney Tom a few years go had a predictable outcome: his turning on them the way the scorpion turned on the frog. By rejecting the man [Rodney] Tom refers affectionately to as “Rob” [McKenna], […]

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GOP boss says Rob McKenna will do to Washington what Scott Walker did to Wisconsin

The Stand is reporting: GOP says McKenna will do what Walker did GOP boss says Rob McKenna will do to Washington what Scott Walker did to Wisconsin “The leader of the Republican Governors Association, said Tuesday at a Republican National Convention event for Washington delegates in Tampa that Rob McKenna would be a leader much […]

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Medicare and Medicaid Cuts Make Us Sick! — march and rally Thursday in Seattle

Working Washington is holding a march and rally: Thursday, August 30th 11 AM, Corner of Boren and James, (RSVP to the right) Rally and March from Seattle’s historic First Hill neighborhood to McKenna’s International District Office Thursday, August 30th 11 AM Corner of Boren and James (RSVP to the right) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan […]

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Dwight Pelz criticized for inviting Cory Booker to be keynote speaker at convention banquet

[This article co-written with David Spring] Washington State Democratic chair Dwight Pelz is coming under criticism on Democratic email lists for inviting Newark mayor Cory Booker to be the keynote speaker at the State Convention Gala Banquet to be held on Friday June 1 in Seattle.   Booker is well known as a supporter of […]

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On Rob McKenna's Six Principles

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna’s campaign website has Six Principles for a New Direction in State Budgeting Below I’ve added interpretations, suggested by  Zach Smith an Walt Kloefkorn. Restore the Legislature’s role in collective bargaining (bust  the unions) Reduce lawsuit abuse (strip Americans of their right to defend themselves in court) Introduce managed competition for […]

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Rob McKenna returns money to shady foreclosure firm days before settling with banks

On Wednesday, a story broke that Rob McKenna has accepted $14k from a shady foreclosure firm that his office had put “on notice” for investigation.  After sitting on those contributions for over four month, he only returned them to avoid an optics problem —  days before he announced a settlement with major banks. See McKenna […]