Coal Trains Protests

ACTION ALERT: Oil Train Halted – Mother suspended above tracks!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rising Tide Seattle along with participants who attended Backbone Campaign’s Localize This! Action Camp launched a technical blockade action early this morning effectively halting both Oil and Coal Trains!! Tired of inaction by politicians? Call Govenor Inslee to tell him actions like this inspire you not his foot-dragging. ***Demand Govenor Inslee Stops Stalling and […]

Accountability Education Justice Protests

Bloomberg is intolerant of reasonable protests

In a speech at Harvard University’s commencement, Michael Bloomberg criticized cases in which liberal students prevented speakers, including Condoleezza Rice, from speaking at universities. “In each case, liberals silenced a voice — and denied an honorary degree — to individuals they deemed politically objectionable. This is an outrage.” He compared students protests to the efforts […]

Economic Justice Protests Taxation

Use boycotts and protests to oppose tax avoidance

Americans for Tax Fairness sent me email asking me to sign a letter demanding: Credit Suisse CEO Brady Dougan: Release the Names of American Tax Dodgers. How about setting up a boycott of Swiss products, tourism, athletes, conferences, academics, etc? And protest around the Swiss embassy in D.C. and consulates? Similar actions against companies like […]

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Boycott Seattle burger chains on Feb 20

Seattle fast food workers have called for a citywide boycott of the big burger chains — McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s — on February 20th in support of a $15 an hour wage that boosts the economy and lifts workers out of poverty. Join us: Pack your lunch, spread the word, and show support for […]

Protests Walmart

Black Friday Walmart Protest in Factoria, Bellevue

Images and video from the Walmart protest in Factoria, Bellevue (Nov 29, 2013). I left when the police announced that anyone who does not disperse will be arrested.   The police marched in military formation.  The protesters were completely peaceful. Non-violent protest is a beautiful thing. So is non-violent civil disobedience in support of a worthy […]

Protests TPP

Letter to Marc Styles on the Backbone Campaign's light projection about TPP

In Protesters light up a Seattle building with their message — and it’s legal, Marc Styles of Puget Sound Business Journal reported on a light projection in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the Backbone Campaign. Here’s my letter to Mr. Styles. Dear Mr. Stiles, I really appreciate that you stopped and took the time […]

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Flush the TPP, actions in Seattle

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pull The Democracy Dismantling TPP Out Of The Shadows & Into Public Scrutiny Can We Count on YOU? —-> RSVP to mobilize the Overpass Light Brigade! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     Send a email RSVP to let us know we can count on you. Join the facebook event HERE We need 20+ friends to mobilize the […]

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People are too nice

The LA Times is reporting today: Air pollution causes lung cancer, World Health Organization says. Not much of a surprise there. It’s been known for years that people who live near major freeways have reduced lung capacity and suffer various ailments. I commute every day by bike and bus. While waiting for the bus and […]