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Nice Edit and Video from Wall Street Occupation

There are reports of police assault on the occupation of Wall Street.   The first amendment grants us the right to assemble and speak out.  It’s a shame that this country has so little tolerance for first amendment rights. I am reminded of the video I have seen from China when the military was streaming […]

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Come to Olympia if the Economy has Put You on the Street

What better place than Olympia to gather if the Washington State economy has put you on the street? Come to Olympia to assemble and petition for redress of grievance. Come and sit on the streets of Olympia as a demonstration and act of free speech. Come to Olympia and greet the legislators and the policy […]

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Talkin 'bout a Revolution

if you’re talking about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out… I share John Lennon’s ambivalence about the revolution, but I think there are revolutions coming.  Maybe a revolution doesn’t have to include the choreography and armament to take the Bastille? How about a revolution in agriculture?  We watched a video about […]

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Quickie: Super-majority requirement for waging war

Many states have super-majority requirements (60% or 2/3) for raising taxes.  Some people have proposed that there be super-majority requirements for establishing or extending tax exemptions. I propose that a super-majority requirement of 2/3 or 75% be imposed on the US Congress for sending troops to fight overseas. If necessary, there should be a constitutional […]

Obama Peace

Promising Obama speeches

These excerpts from President Obama’s speeches explain why people trusted him to bring real change. Was he forced to renege on his promises? Or was he lying when he made these promises?

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Olympia Copwatching at the Olympia Really Really Free Market today!

Planning meeting today for ramping up copwatch activities in Olympia. Interested folks will be at Bigelow Park around noon enjoying the park and sitting in on the Olympia Really Really Free Market. I think we will have a training opportunity. Will also have some flip video camcorders to get out into the hands of folks […]

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Banned by GOP: video indictment of KBR and other military contractors

Robert Greenwald’s hard-hitting video indictment of KBR and other military contractors was banned by Congress in 2007. It documents private employees making six figure salaries, staying in lavish resorts, and charging the US taxpayers $99 per load of laundry, while US soldiers endure low pay and mistreatment.