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Senator Murray nearly accosted at King County Dem caucus

Marvin Rosete reported on facebook about the King County Democrats’ caucus held at Hazen High School Sunday, May 1: I am glad Senator Patty Murray left the building safely, until an idiot decided to attempt to bum rush the Senator’s group as she was leaving. The man in question said he was attacked by Hillary […]

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Obama saved the economy — and the GOP

Obama gave a priceless gift to the GOP: immunity from prosecution for war crimes, torture,  disastrous wars, politically motivated prosecutions by the Justice Department, widespread corruption, and other criminality. In 2008, it appeared that the GOP was destined for many years of repudiation. They’d proven themselves corrupt, incompetent, and imperialistic. But Obama nursed the GOP […]

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Mother Jones article calls Patty Murray a hawk

The January/February issue of Mother Jones has an article “Can’t Touch This:  The wars are winding down. It’s the age of sequester. So why won’t the Pentagon live within its means?”.   The article lists examples of the tremendous waste in the Pentagon budget and identifies Senator Patty Murray as one of the key liberal hawks […]

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A bad deal, a bad photo

Photo source: AP Paul Ryan, Patty Murray a few billion apart. “In a move sure to infuriate Democrats, the House-Senate negotiators have all but settled on slicing billions of dollars from federal employees retirement plans.” Republicans will agree to cut benefits for government employees. They’ll agree to increase user fees, which are regressive.  But they […]