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Impressive participants' guide for 99% Spring training sessions

Tonight, in association with, I’ll be attending a 99% Spring training session.  I got an email from the organizers with a link to their training materials, including this PDF:  The 99% Spring Training Guide.  I’m impressed. It’s well-written, attractively designed and full of documented information from multiple sources about non-violent direct action and other […]

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Tolerance for a Diversity of Tactics

I am posting to supplement discussion about tolerance for diversity of tactics secondary to discussion taking place on the listserv. Nihilo0 has a pretty good critique of Mr. Hedges’ criticism of the black bloc tactic. Keep in mind that if everything you know about the black bloc exists from your reading in mainstream media that […]

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Free Speech Battle Over Protests Looming at Seattle Colleges

A major battle over free speech is being waged on local college campuses in Seattle. The Seattle Community College District Board of Trustees wants to revise the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for Seattle colleges. The district is proposing new rules that would regulate protests on all three of the city’s state funded community college campuses. […]

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Occupy East End rejects MoveOn Takeover Attempt

Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 16:05:20 -0700 Subject: [SFPJN] Occupy the East End Rejects Takeover Attempt PRESS RELEASE: Occupy the East End Rejects Takeover Attempt April 8th, 2012 Please disseminate to everyone in and interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement. Thank you./ /APRIL 8, 2012—FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/ *OCCUPY THE EAST END TO […]

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Scouring the News for Signs of Intelligent Life

Lots of coverage of the republican primaries out there. Few signs of intelligent life in that pile of smoking offal. Going to move on. There must be more important stuff going on. Oh, here we go: Chris Hedges has a good piece in Truth Dig about the NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act – and […]

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The Doo-Occupy, Bail Out America!

The Doo-Occupy, Bail Out America trainings and actions will take place in Washington, DC Friday night March 30 – Tuesday, April 3. The American Spring is nearly upon us. The Doo-Occupy! Bail Out America project, is a collaboration instigated by the Backbone Campaign to bring best practices in community organizing for eviction protection, student debt […]

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An Open Letter To Dr. Cornel West: Why Should The Occupy Movement Vote For Obama?

I had the great honor of meeting Dr. Cornel West when he visited the Occupy Seattle encampment at Seattle Central Community College in November 2011. I will never forget that historic beautiful day in the Emerald City… I was very impressed by Dr. West during our meeting. He is undeniably one of the most respected […]