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Drones, the C.I.A., and Pakistan

Bush oversaw forty-eight drone strikes in Pakistan during his two terms. Since 2009, Obama as authorized more than three hundred. In Mazetti’s telling, CIA leaders repeatedly pushed Obama for more expansive authority to used armed drones. They got their way in almost every instance.  … Munter soon discovered that, under President Obama, “it was what […]

Military Force Obama

I have a drone

(Photo reproduced with permission from Alex Garland.) VIDEO:

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Resolution in defense of Social Security, passed by the 34th LD Dems

Resolution Against the Use of the Chained CPI for Calculation Cost of Living Increases for Social Security and Other Programs. WHEREAS the current COLA already undercounts the higher inflation that seniors experience because they spend a disproportionate amount of their income on health care; and WHEREAS the chained CPI will result in a yearly 0.3% […]

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32nd Democrats pass resolution critical of Obama's proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare

2013-08 Resolution on Preserving Social Security and Medicare Whereas our Social Security System is a foundation of our social safety net for all citizens who reach retirement age or are eligible due to disability; and Whereas our Medicare System provides vital healthcare services to seniors and disabled and prevents people from falling into total abject […]

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Constituents will oppose re-election of lawmakers who vote to cut Social Security

My Inbox is filled with outraged emails from advocacy groups concerned about the President’s plan to cut Social Security. The government spends trillions of dollars on corrupt, immoral, disastrous wars; on bailouts for the very banks that crashed the economy; and on tax breaks and subsidies for corporations.   It is unacceptable that they want to […]