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Obama's defense of NSA makes the Dems look bad, makes Republicans look good

TruthOut is reporting on a bill introduced to the Washington State House: HB2272 was introduced by a bipartisan team of legislators, Rep. David Taylor, a Republican from Moxee, and Rep. Luis Moscoso, a former three-term secretary of the state Democratic Party from Mountlake Terrace. If passed, the bill would make it the policy of the […]

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Darcy Burner played a big role in fixing the Senate filibuster

Virtually Speaking reports that Washington State’s Darcy Burner played an important role in Harry Reid’s move to fix the Senate filibuster. Click here to hear filibuster experts Joan McCarter and David Waldman’s analysis.  Listen from 10:30 to hear the discussion of Darcy’s role. Here’s an excerpt: To me Darcy Burner was instrumental in moving us […]

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Why to oppose Summers: a resolution

A Resolution Opposing the Appointment of Larry Summers as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Whereas the current term for the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, will end in early 2014 requiring President Obama to nominate a successor and the US Senate to confirm him or her, and Whereas the Federal Reserve, since its […]

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Adding up the benefits of Obamacare

The other day I went onto the Washington Health Benefit Exchange website to look at the actual costs for health coverage. (In the interest of full disclosure, my spouse works for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.) I wanted to escape the non-stop rhetoric from those who are panicked that the Affordable Care Act will actually […]

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Bombing Syria Isn't Warranted, Won't Fix Congress's Partisan Stalemate

I am willing to believe the Obama Administration’s claim that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on Syrians. And anyone who has read about World War I chlorine and mustard gas casualties knows what a horror these weapons are, and understands that even war has its rules. Yet does crossing this “line” require a U.S. […]

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Thoughts on Obama's March to Folly in Syria

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thoughts on Obama’s March to Folly in Syria Article by Robert Fisk with Introduction by Chuck Spinney ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Backbone Friends, Amidst much movement building and action support work from Seattle to Kalamazoo to Chicago, and now planning for upcoming trainings and actions in DC, Obama’s sudden push for military action in Syria causes my […]


American Enterprise Institute likes Pres. Obama's choice for economic chief advisor

“He has written on the importance of fiscal discipline, the need to undertake entitlement reform sooner rather than later, the role of international trade in improving living standards, and the benefits of Wal-Mart in boosting living standards for low-income Americans.“– Far-right American Enterprise Institute praising President Obama’s choice as chief economic adviser. from the American […]

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For and against Bradley Manning released the following powerful video in support of Bradley Manning: Somehow I received by email a message from Forward Progressives, containing an article by Alan Clifton: Like it or Not, Bradley Manning is a Traitor — Not a Hero. Despite the occurrence of the word “progressive” in the site’s name, Forward Progressives strikes me […]