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How Seattle police aided the neo-Nazis in the anti-Sharia protest

Multiple credible sources have reported that the Seattle police harassed counter-protesters but protected anti-Sharia marchers participating in Saturday’s anti-Sharia law march in Seattle. I got permission to copy the post of a friend of  friend, below.   My apologies for the anonymity and “hearsay” nature of this evidence.  Someone at my work attended […]

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Sports as an opiate for the masses

Sports are like religion: an opiate for the masses. They distract people from political engagement. I don’t understand why people “root” for a team. Why should Seattle’s team be better than any other city’s team? And why should residents here take pride in victories? Sports must exploit some deep-seated need of humans to belong and […]

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Painless executions are easy but immoral

I oppose capital punishment. But it surprises me that states are struggling to find ways to execute people painlessly. There are two easy ways to kill people painlessly. The first is carbon monoxide. People often die in their beds from carbon monoxide poisoning (due to improper ventilation of a heater, for example). They feel drowsy […]

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Rolling Peaceful Rebellion For Real Democracy: 3pm at Greenlake Sunday

For Immediate Release: National Contacts: Backbone Campaign, Bill Moyer, 206-356-9980, Popular Resistance, Margaret Flowers, 410-591-0892, Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582, Click on link for Local Contacts: July 3rd, 8pm (plus)- Dallas, TX July 4th, 8am – Santa Monica, CA July 4th, 11am – Arroyo Seco, NM July 4th, – Nevada City, CA July 4th, 4:30pm […]

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Anti-torture presentation at Univ. Methodist Church, June 3, 7:30PM

TUES JUNE 3, 2014, 7:30 p.m., at University Temple United Methodist Church, 1415 NE 43rd Street, Seattle;  The Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture (WSRCAT) presents “EXPOSING THE TRUTH OF U.S. TORTURE: RESTORING HUMAN DIGNITY AND THE RULE OF LAW” featuring Brig. General David R. Irvine of The Constitution Project.  MC Prof. Rob Crawford.  Panelists […]

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"Supreme" Court and US "representative democracy" are in a deep crisis of legitimacy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is time to arm and train the nonviolent warriors of our time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Bill Moyer’s 10-10-13 statement regarding “Political Calculus” and the crisis of legitimacy for our government. This was delivered on the US Court House in Seattle, WA on the day the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on McCutcheon VS […]

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On Jim McDermott's Town Hall about Syria

Sunday night Rep. Jim McDermott met with constituents to discuss the situation in Syria. McDermott is “very strongly” leaning against voting for the so-called “limited response,” comparing it to the misguided attack on Iraq. Such adventures have unintended consequences, even if the architects have the noblest of intentions. McDermott is worried about the long-term consequences […]

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How to achieve Results through Kingian Nonviolence

A condensed version of Positive Peace Warrior Network’s multi-day training in the principles and methods of Martin Luther King in how to achieve success in social/political change through nonviolent campaigns. This was edited further from 3 hours at a Fellowship of Reconciliation retreat to 1 hour for your convenience.