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Gregoire and Ross Hunter on the state budget, with a suggestion

Outgoing Governor Gregoire has proposed two budgets, as described in the video Inside Olympia by TVW. By law the governor is required to submit a balanced budget. The first budget, an all cuts “Book One Budget,” raises no revenue but makes significant cuts to state programs, namely to: Gregoire’s second budget raises revenue from an […]

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Anti-progressivism in D.C. and Olympia

Having won re-election thanks to the strenuous efforts of millions of Democrats and progressives, President Obama is now freed from the pressures of campaigning. I fear that he will do what he really wants to do:  serve the interests of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex. Last year he volunteered to cut Social Security and […]

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Photos from the Clinton/Inslee luncheon

I and about 3000 people went to a luncheon with Bill Clinton and Jay Inslee at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle today. I sat right in the center about 5 tables back from the podium.  Had I had the chance, I’d have asked Clinton if he regrets dismantling Glass-Steagall and passing NAFTA.  He […]

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On Inslee's claim that no new taxes are needed to fund education

According to Inslee: No new taxes needed to fund education, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee said Friday the state doesn’t need new taxes to fulfill its education funding obligations, even though Gov. Chris Gregoire says new revenue has to be considered. Inslee said that he is focused on raising the state’s revenue by encouraging economic […]