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Feedback to Governor Inslee on what's needed

Please vote for this idea on Governor Inslee’s suggestion page. Governor Inslee has a comment form where citizens can make suggestions and vote on ideas for improving the state.  It says “Governor Inslee: “I’m working to make sure Washington has a prosperous economy, world-class schools, sustainable energy and a clean environment, healthy and safe communities, […]

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Non-partisan issue: Blame game doesn't help keep Boeing

Once again, it’s time to play, “Who lost Boeing?” Led by Rodney Tom, Senate Republicans blame Gov. Jay Inslee, and inaction on a labor-opposed workers’ compensation bill, for up to 375 engineering jobs moving to California. This is the same Jay Inslee who worked hard in Congress to secure an air refueling tanker contract for […]

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Big Oil wins in state legislature, in an apparent quid pro quo for estate tax fix

[Revised and corrected. 2013/06/23] Thursday night the state legislature passed a bill, SB 5296, that weakened the Model Toxic Control Act. I got email from Washington Conservation Voters asking me to thank legislators who opposed the bill. See Support our kids; end the Big Oil Tax Loophole. According to Washington Environmental Council, the weakening allows […]

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Gov. Inslee accuses the Senate Republicans of favoring millionaire tax breaks over our kids' education

Presumably this is in reference to the controversy over the estate tax (Wash . House OKs change to state estate tax, State House, Senate offer estate tax measures) and over Inslee and the Democrats’ plan to eliminate tax loopholes.

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Transportation Funding: It Gets Worse

It seems odds to look back at the 2005 legislative session, my first as a House member, as a pinnacle of progressivism.  After all, it was eight years ago.  George W. Bush was President. Yet consider: In 2003, legislative Democrats were routed by their own governor, Gary Locke, and a one-session Senate budget chair named […]

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Rodney Tom and the evil Senate Repugs want to take $140,000,000 from students and give it to the rich

Legislature Gets a Reprieve on Estate Tax – Drop-Dead Date Now is Next Week Due to a technical problem with the estate tax,  the state of Washington’s Department of Revenue will soon begin sending out rebate checks to millionaires, depriving the state’s education budget of up to $140 million in much needed money.  The State […]

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Governor’s budget proposal is a step in the right direction – but does not go far enough

by Marilyn Watkins Our state budget is one of the main ways elected leaders make decisions on our behalf about the future our children and our state will have. Will we continue to underfund education and overcrowd classrooms, or provide adequate resources so kids in every zip code have access to high quality schools? Well, […]

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How To Fix the Washington Transportation Package

Washington’s new governor, Jay Inslee, has “pledged to reduce carbon emissions in the state’s transportation system.” He’s named a new transportation secretary, Oregonian Lynn Peterson, who appears to feel similarly. And in his most recent public statements about transportation, he’s talked about the need to preserve and maintain existing roads—a sensible priority that does little […]

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Tim Eyman for Sewer Commissioner

In Why Tim Eyman should, at last, run for public office Seattle P-I columnist Joel Connelly rightly attacks anti-tax activist Tim Eyman for proposing voter initiatives that have made it impossible to adequately fund education, social services, and other government services.  Connelly writes: Eyman, as a legislator, would have to help write a budget. He […]