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For Bernie Sanders, it's all about the base and the bucks, class struggle

Well it’s pretty clear we need more revenue I can make it make, make it, and turn the nation blue. Cause I gotta message, message the people chase. And all the right policies in all the right places. I hear conservatives calling for liberty. You know their stuff ain’t real: corporate hegemony. If that what’s […]

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The NY Times' deceptive summary of yesterday's Clinton-Sanders debate

In In Democratic Debate, Hillary Clinton Challenges Bernie Sanders on Policy Shifts the NY Times summarized last night’s debate by saying “Hillary Clinton targeted Bernie Sanders’s electoral appeal with some of her strongest language yet in a debate on Sunday night, seizing on Mr. Sanders’s recent policy shifts on universal health care and gun control […]

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Should progressives vote for Hillary if she wins the nomination?

My statement on the discussion of whether or not to vote for Clinton should Bernie not win the Democratic nomination and the many permutations of that discussion: I support the values embodied in the Democratic Party’s Washington State Platform (and many other state and local platforms, and quite a bit of what winds up in […]

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Bye bye Bernie (Hillary's dream of winning the nomination)

Bye bye Bernie. The party’s beat you now. Oy vay, Bernie! Time to move to the right. No more faking that I’m a populist. Stop complaining that I’m too corporatist. I love the TPP, Wealth inequality, Wall Street society, Imperialist military! Bye bye Bernie. Bill and I will miss you so. So long Bernie! Time […]