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Competing bills for universal healthcare in Washington State

Two bills to establish universal health care in Washington State are under consideration by the state senate this session. The Whole Washington’s Health Trust (SB 5204), sponsored by Senators Hasegawa, Kuderer, Liias, Lovelett, Nguyen, Stanford, and Wilson, C., “is fully realized, universal healthcare legislation, complete with specific funding mechanisms and a transition plan. If passed, […]

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What real freedom includes

Dear America, universal health care is what real freedom looks like Frank Luntz tells GOP politicians to use the word freedom a lot. Unfortunately, the only freedom they really represent is for the wealthiest to get wealthier and put their boots directly on the necks of the working class, with an emphasis on people of […]

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American IUDs Help African Women Despite Trump Gag Rule and Funding Cuts

by Valerie Tarico, originally published at When Donald Trump was elected, demand for long-acting birth control soared. Planned Parenthood scrambled to schedule appointments. One woman made a sign that said, “My IUD will outlast your presidency!” Others posted the image to social media. Thanks to a determined nonprofit, those defiant IUD purchases in the […]

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Washington State Indivisible Podcast about Establishing Universal Health Care

This week’s podcast for The Washington State Indivisible Podcast is about how to get to universal healthcare coverage in Washington State. The interview is with one of the lead sponsors of legislation aimed at finding the right path forward. Click here to listen to the podcast (about 34 minutes in length)   Senator Emily Randall […]

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Fate of Senate bill 5222 (universal healthcare)

I heard from Whole Washington that Senate Bill 5222 (universal healthcare) was stalling in committee. I emailed Senator Anette Cleveland to ask why she’s holding it up and to encourage her to support it. Here’s her response: From: Cleveland, Sen. Annette <> Date: Mon, Feb 18, 2019 at 4:56 PM Subject: RE: Senate Bill 5222: […]

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Time to escalate the war on cars: treat driving like smoking in restaurants

Here are some links about how harmful (fossil fuel-powered) auto and truck traffic is to human health.  They also are a major contributor to green-house gas emissions and a major reason the U.S. goes to war so often. Air pollution linked to ‘missed’ miscarriages in China: study CBS News reports: Nearly half of Americans breathe […]

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Notes from Post Midterm Elections National Strategy Call to Win Medicare For All

by local activists 11/13/2018 You can listen to the recording here: “It is not going to be an easy fight as the drug companies and insurance companies buy politicians and sell out their constituents every single day.” – Bernie Sanders Post Midterm National Strategy Call to Win Medicare for All / HR 676 Tuesday, […]

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I’m pro-life: in favor of Medicare for all, a healthy environment, and gun control

I’m pro-life for adults and for later-term fetuses, but I’m pro-choice for early-term fetuses.  However, it seems that many conservative Americans are pro-life only for fetuses but not so much for children and adults. Real pro-life includes everyone, not just fetuses. So, I’m in favor of government-guaranteed medical care for everyone.  And I’m in favor […]