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Wag the Dog, Part III – that's all, folks…

The brightest moment in the Jan 3rd meeting with Senator Fraser, Representative Hunt and Representative Reykdal came when Chris Reykdal took the opportunity to talk about the impasse that exists with generating revenue for the State. Reykdal had campaigned for election to the legislature on tax fairness and he appears to be willing to make […]

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Ron Paul as a lesser-of-evils Republican

Ron Paul is extreme and libertarian, but he gets some things right. According to the article Ron Paul slams Herman Cain’s media coverage, he said “I’m challenging the whole banking system, the military industrial complex, the welfare state, our foreign policy. I want to go back to following strictly the Constitution.” Paul has won several […]

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GOP leaders announce the formation of the "American Nightmare Movement"

Republican leaders announced today their plans to form an “American Nightmare Movement” (ANM) as a public-private partnership to promote more realistic expectations among the populace. With funding from the US Chamber of Commerce and David and Charles Koch, the ANM is a response to the so-called American Dream Movement developed by and former Obama […]

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Talkin 'bout a Revolution

if you’re talking about destruction, don’t you know that you can count me out… I share John Lennon’s ambivalence about the revolution, but I think there are revolutions coming.  Maybe a revolution doesn’t have to include the choreography and armament to take the Bastille? How about a revolution in agriculture?  We watched a video about […]

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Quickie: Texas Republicans Should Read the Bible Texas Gov. Rick Perry recently said America should be guided by “the Christian values that this country was based upon.” Even though Article 11 of the John Adams-endorsed Treaty of Tripoli states “the Government of the United States of America, is not in any sense, founded on the Christian religion,” I’m sure it warmed […]

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"I have a gun and I'm NOT afraid to use it."

The attitude of conservatives nowadays is: “I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it.”   They have lots of power and they’re willing, in fact, eager to destroy much of what we hold dear. They believe or pretend that they’re doing God’s work and that they’re saving the People from the evils of […]