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Cut services, then watch economy go into reverse

We have a big private-sector economy, which is floundering in stagnation. Chief among the victims are middle class Americans, some on the verge of losing their houses, others with their jobs exported out of the country, and others trying to figure out how to pay the accelerating costs of their kids’ education and their health […]

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A criminal gang has taken power

A criminal gang has taken power. They’ve stolen elections; corrupted campaign financing; started illegal wars; tortured;  held innocent prisoners without trial;  invaded the privacy of Americans;  politicized Justice; packed the Courts; reversed decades of judicial precedent; corrupted government agencies;  crashed the economy by reckless deregulation, privatization, and mismanagement; bankrupted the US Treasury;  manipulated and consolidated […]

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Banned by GOP: video indictment of KBR and other military contractors

Robert Greenwald’s hard-hitting video indictment of KBR and other military contractors was banned by Congress in 2007. It documents private employees making six figure salaries, staying in lavish resorts, and charging the US taxpayers $99 per load of laundry, while US soldiers endure low pay and mistreatment.

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Coverups concerning former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel

Chapter 2 of Bev Harris’s book Black Box Voting tells the story of former Nebraska Governor Chuck Hagel. Hagel won a surprise landslide election against a Democrat who had been leading in the polls. What’s suspicious is that the votes were counted by machines produced by Hagel’s former company, American Information Systems (later renamed ES&S). […]

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The Seattle Times: libertarian in the best and worst ways

Ever notice that people  are mixed?  I mean: parts of them are really good and laudable, but other parts are difficult to deal with or downright harmful.  People can be kind to their children and pets but mean to their spouses, employees, coworkers, or fellow citizens. Or they can donate to charity but cheat on […]

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Koch-Blocked: a great video and an over-wrought essay

“Tired of the Koch Brothers buying our political system?” Koch Blocked An email went out promoting the above clever and powerful video. The email contained an essay, reproduced here, that calls the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party movement “Sociopathic fascists .” Repeatedly, they use terms “Corporate Fascist” and “Naziism.” The essay makes numerous valid […]

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GOP Plans to Cut 4 Trillion Dollars from Federal Budget in a Decade

The Wall Street Journal (radicals? socialists?) is running an article that says in paragraph 4: The plan would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americans, as a program that directly pays those bills. Mr. Ryan and other conservatives say this is necessary because of […]