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Rep. Adam Smith explains why he accepts PAC money

At the June 8th Town Hall meeting of Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA 9th CD) in Crossroads, Bellevue, Rep Adam Smith gave progressive answers to almost every question he was asked: on immigration, on the environment, on low-yield nuclear weapons, on convening impeachment hearings for Trump (he mostly supports it),  on taxation, on peace, etc. One […]

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These WA Legislature bills call for a limited constitutional convention to overturn Citizens United

The Washington State Senate is considering Senate Joint Memorial 8002 (SJM 8002) — Asking Congress to call a limited convention, authorized under Article V of the United States Constitution, for the purpose of proposing a free and fair elections amendment to that Constitution. The companion state house bill is HJM 4004. You can read the […]

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Dems want votes counted. Repugs don’t.

Marco Rubio: Democrats Are Trying to Steal Florida Senate Race by Counting All the Votes (Sounds like something from The Onion, or from Andy Borwoitz.) Likewise, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 500,000 voters were recently purged.   “Since 2012, according to federal and state data, Georgia has removed about 1.4 million people from the voting rolls.”

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Uncle Sam on the Lam

by Lansing Scott Drunk Uncle Sam is on the lam. He escaped from DC and has been hitchhiking across the country, sleeping under bridges, & drinking his Thunderbird for months now. Hes almost reached Vancouver, BC, where he will formally apply for political asylum. Asked to explain his sudden departure from his job as personification […]

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Why women — especially older women — rule in Washington State

Out of the 4.6 million registered voters in Washington State, 2.4 million (51.9%) are female. Out of the 3.4 million active registered voters (meaning they’ve voted since 2012), 2.4 million (52.8%) are female. Women rule — or at least decide who rules — in Washington State. Furthermore, older people vote at much higher numbers than […]

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Letter to the editor in Bellevue Reporter, on attack ads and Litzow

On the day the primary election ballots arrived in my mailbox, I also received an attack ad, from a group opposed to 41st LD state Senate candidate Lisa Wellman. Wow, they’re starting early this year! In 2010 her opponent, Steve Litzow, won by about 200 votes because of last-minute attack ads sent out by an […]

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Response to Jonathan Rauch's "How American Politics Went Insane"

In a lengthy article in The Atlantic, How American Politics Went Insane, Jonathan Rauch diagnoses dysfunction in American politics as being caused by a breakdown of party structure and the rise of extremist outside groups such as the Tea Party who can’t be controlled. Rauch’s proposed solution to our political dysfunction is to bring back […]

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How does voter turnout vary with income?

(Click for a larger version) The graph above shows one point (a “+”) for 414 zip-codes in Washington State having greater than 1000 population in 2010. The X axis value for each point represents the median income; the Y axis value for each point represents the voter turnout (defined as the the number of residents […]