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What's wrong with Washington State voters? And how can we educate them?

Washington State voters approved Tim Eyman’s latest initiative I-1366 by 51.5% to 48.5% ( How many of them realized that the initiative makes it very difficult to eliminate tax loopholes (“preferences”) for special interests? How many of them realized that the state is under court order to find billions of additional dollars to fund education? […]

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Gregoire and Ross Hunter on the state budget, with a suggestion

Outgoing Governor Gregoire has proposed two budgets, as described in the video Inside Olympia by TVW. By law the governor is required to submit a balanced budget. The first budget, an all cuts “Book One Budget,” raises no revenue but makes significant cuts to state programs, namely to: Gregoire’s second budget raises revenue from an […]

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Gregoire: "We desperately need the money", proposes taxing online sales

As one of her final jobs as governor, she will propose a new budget plan that will need to fill a $900 million shortfall and dedicate new money to education in response to a court order. The sales tax plan [targeting online sales] would provide a major boost to that effort. “It’s one of my […]

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Gregoire calls for new revenue; smarty pants elitist liberal minces no words in telling the truth

On January 5, 2012, the Washington Supreme Court ruled: “We affirm the trial court’s declaratory ruling and hold that the State has not complied with its Article IX, section 1 duty to make ample provision for the education of all children in Washington.”  (Summary of Supreme Court’s McCleary v. State Decision) Governor Christine Gregoire has […]

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David Spring release more evidence about alleged corruption

The following is an image of the first page of today’s press release from Democratic State House candidate David Spring (5th LD): See Why We Must Oppose Political Corruption for the allegations that Spring release last week. Click here to the see the pdf of the press release in its entirety.

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Voter's Pamphlet arrived: Brad Toft is a hard-right regressive

According to the Voter’s Pamphlet that arrived in the mail yesterday, fifth Legislative District state Senate candidate Brad Toft is  a hard-right regressive Republican. His Statement includes the following: Smaller Government.  The legislature has failed to stop the growth of government, the overspending, the crushing regulations, overzealous environmentalism and taxes driving small businesses out of […]

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Why We Must Oppose Political Corruption

(originally published at Friends and neighbors, As you may know, I am a Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives here in East King County. I am a lifelong Democrat. My parents were FDR progressive Democrats and my grandparents were FDR progressive Democrats. It is very difficult for me to admit this, but there […]

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Gregoire endorses Suzan DelBene, repeats GOP talking points about taxes

“I know Suzan DelBene personally. I put her private sector experience to work for our state as Director of the Department of Revenue. Suzan immediately went to work to help close the state’s budget gap while easing the burden on small businesses.” That last phrase repeats and reinforces a Republican talking point: that taxes are […]