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Saturday: Celebrate Medicare's 46th Birthday — Downtown Seattle

At a time, when we are facing the most serious threat to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in our life times, let your voice be heard!   Come Celebrate Medicare’s 46th Birthday — Downtown Seattle – Medicare Birthday Party – March/Parade/Music/Street Theatre No Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!             When: Saturday, […]

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Now is the time to be angry and to act: protests are getting coverage

Take over your LD!  Educate the public about the harmfulness of conserva-think. Protests at congressional offices have been getting a lot of press coverage. King 5 video on visits to McDermott, Smith & Reichert; MoveOn was mentioned Reichert’s remarks (let the system work) didn’t address the issues. Article w/pics about Reichert visit – MoveOn […]

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First face the facts

On the way to work yesterday, a young (drunk) guy and his girlfriend got on the bus, after putting their bicycles on the bike rack next to mine.  When the young guy heard me discussing politics with the bus driver, he said, “Well, we oughta half the size of government, ’cause the politicians are screwing […]

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AM1090 Forum in Kent: Kucinich shines, progressive talk show hosts mostly defend Obama

On Saturday about a thousand people went to the Showare Center in Kent, WA to hear speeches and a panel discussion by Dennis Kucinich, Ron Reagan, Jr., Norman Goldman, Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller,  Mike Malloy, and Mike Papantonio. Kucinich Kucinich got repeated cheers and standing ovations from the crowd. He said the expected things about […]


Localize This! August 14-21, 2011 – Vashon Island

Localize This! August 14-21, 2011 – Register TODAY! Join Activists & Organizers from Across the US for a Training That Will Transform Your Activism ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Attend all or part, but register TODAY at This Summer on Vashon Island, WA, the Backbone Campaign is hosting the third annual Localize This! Artful Activism Camp, an intensive […]

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Now it's clear: July 23 Speakout event to include Jim McDermott

In an earlier post, Questions about Progressive Congress’s Speakout event on July 23 in Seattle, I expressed confusion and perplexity about the purpose of a Speakout (“Congressional Listening Tour”) event in Seattle. But today I got email that explained what’s going on. Rep Jim McDermott (D), a progressive hero, and other unspecified lawmakers will be […]