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Who Aborts the Most Fertilized Eggs? Families Like the Duggars

by Valerie Tarico A woman who values fertilized eggs or who believes her deity does should use the most highly effective contraceptive available. Most fertilized eggs spontaneously abort during the first weeks of life. Estimates of death before implantation range as high as 80 percent and bottom out around 45. More than thirty percent of […]

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Testimony Given at WA Health Dept. Hearing on Certificate of Need Rules – Nov. 26, 2013

There were probably 80 – 100 people at the WA Health Dept. Hearing on hospital mergers including reps from the SEIU, ACLU, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Secular Humanists, Catholic Watch, etc, along with 30+ of our MoveOn.org petition signers, a Hospital Administrators Assoc. Rep. and the general public. Of those testifying, at least 90% expressed that […]

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Legitimate Rape, sung by the Renegade Raging Grannies

From Raging Grannies Songs Author: Vicki Ryder Tune: “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” “Legitimate rape” is great birth control. So says Todd Akin, and he oughta know. If we are raped we can rest unafraid, ‘Cause we can’t get pregnant if forcibly laid. Our female bodies are clever that way, We only get pregnant when we say “okay.” Doctors […]