To Settle or Not to Settle: the ongoing battle between mainstream and progressive Dems

These first two meme images shared on social media make a similar point:

Don't tear down the Dem candidate for president, even if they're imperfect

Don't expect a perfect Dem candidate in 2020

On the other hand,

Progressives and independents will not vote for a corporate war-mongering Dem for president

On facebook, I often seem images and posts like these. Some people threaten to unfriend anyone who (1) criticizes or fails to support their favorite candidate , or who (2) criticizes any Democratic candidate.  Given the cost of losing again to Trump in 2020, I understand the second group. But some people in the first group say: it’s because Dems settled on such a bad candidate as Hillary (who rigged the primaries and was a corporate war hawk, etc) that we lost. Alternatively, they said, “It’s because of the Bernie-or-Busters and the Stein supporters that Trump won.”  So, this division on the Left ain’t gonna go away entirely.  Hopefully, the 2020 primaries will be less divisive than the 2016 primaries.

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