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Solving Washington State’s Economic Woes: Why We Need A State Bank

Do you know where your tax dollars go? When you go to the drugstore to buy some aspirin for the headache you got watching too many negative campaign ads on TV, the store adds 9.5% of the price to your bill. That money is collected and used by the State of Washington to pay for […]

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Dana Walker for State Treasurer!

It’s official. We are running a write-in campaign against Jim McIntire for Washington State Treasurer. I have imposed on my friend Dana Walker to accept the role of running against the previously unopposed Jim McIntire for Washington State Treasurer. Here is what Dana had to say about the write-in campaign: Hi, I am Dana Walker […]

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Washington Investment Trust – State Bank Now

    Why was North Dakota the only US State not affected by the banking crisis? (It’s not the oil.) Because it was the ONLY State with its own Public Bank! The State Bank bills are down to the wire in the WA Legislature. SB 6310 needs to move out of committee now or the […]