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Washington Uprising – A Community Response to Budget Cuts

I think for the next ten days, my thoughts, time, money are on the Washington Uprising. A bunch of groups are coordinating activities around the State and carrying the message to the Governor and the Legislators in Olympia. Washington State is jumping on the austerity bandwagon. We have a Democratic Governor, Christine Gregoire, who is […]


Top Ten Reasons Rob McKenna Should Not Be Governor

#10) Indifference to racism in our criminal justice system Last year, during a KZOK radio interview regarding Farrakhan v. Gregoire, Attorney General Rob McKenna appeared to dismiss the problem of racial discrimination in our criminal justice system when, in response to a direct question about prison race disparity, he answered: “unfortunately, our prison population is […]

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Favorite Guitar Player?

I love Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Joe Pass, Duane Allman and Dickie Betts as a duo were very fine, but I will choose Pat Metheny.  Pat’s collaboration with Lyle Mays has produced some great stuff. The guy is a fantastic technician on guitar, but it’s more than that.  He plays in the key of hope […]


The go-slow approach to fixing Washington State's tax system

A letter to a Democratic activist who called for a go-slow approach to eliminating tax preferences. (For background, see Failed KCDCC Resolution a Good Idea and Fair School Funding Coalition.) Thank you for your well-written and thoughtful analysis.  I admire your commitment to the cause of justness and fairness.  The real “enemy” is conservatives, not […]

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Science to the Rescue: MIT Creates Synthetic Leaf Power Station?

Dr. Daniel Nocera and his team at MIT have created an artificial leaf that might be able to power a home. Here’s a bit from the story I found at Mail Online with help from Slatest: About the shape of a poker card but thinner, the device is fashioned from silicon, electronics and catalysts, substances […]


Can Libya Turn Out Well?

I think from the start of the intervention, the military attack, the outcome in Libya has depended on removing Qaddafi from power. If he stays, he will crush his Libyan opponents at a future time and place. If he stays after the intervention, he will sponsor or cooperate with folks who will launch bombings and […]

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Joe Bageant has Gone Deer Hunting with Jesus

Joe Bageant died yesterday. He fought a good fight against cancer the past 4 months and kept writing and posting. Here is part of a piece he wrote not too long ago: AMERICA: Y UR PEEPS B SO DUM? Ignorance and courage in the age of Lady Gaga By Joe Bageant Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico If […]


Should WA Dems be helping the Seattle Times?

The Washington State Democrats have sent out a fund-raising appeal so that it can place an ad critical of Rob McKenna in the Seattle Times.  (See This ad calling out Rob McKenna for his attacks on public employee unions is running in today’s issue of The Olympian. GOAL: We need to raise $6,935 to […]