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Women's Solidarity Day in Olympia, Jan 19

Washington women need YOU to speak out in support of the Reproductive Parity Act (HB 2330/SB 6185), exciting new legislation that will require all health insurance policies sold in the state that cover maternity care to cover abortion care. ALL women, regardless of income, deserve equal access to coverage for basic reproductive health care, including […]

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Great Values! I am not talking about astounding prices at big box stores…

A couple of quotes and some thoughts. “[The founding fathers] conferred, as against the Government, the right to be left alone — the right most valued by civilized men.” — Justice Louis D. Brandeis (1856-1941) US Supreme Court Justice, 1928 Indeed, the right to be left alone. That’s a profound thought in a new era […]

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A middle ground on the abortion debate: pro-choice but not absolutely

I am pro-choice. But that doesn’t mean that I believe that the right to choose should extend to an absolute right to third-trimester abortions. This issue came up in a discussion on our mailing list. Someone said that we should not try to argue with anti-choice people about when personhood begins. Instead we should say […]

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Drop Swedish: they're discontinuing elective abortions

According to the Seattle P-I, Swedish to drop elective abortions if deal goes through, Swedish Medical Center, one of the region’s largest hospital systems, will stop performing elective abortions if a proposed alliance with a massive Catholic-run health-care organization  is approved…. My primary care physician is with Swedish. Looks like I’ll switch to another provider.

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Jim's Pancakes!

Some folks appear to have a lot of time on their hands. I give the guy credit for thoroughly exploring the art of the pancake. Click on the picture to jump to Jim’s website. He does some strange stuff with pancakes. Not sure why, but this big series of tubes allows us to peer into […]

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Why Abortion isn’t Murder

Anti-abortion activists like to call embryos “unborn children”, “innocent babies” or “developing human beings.” Their obvious aim is to shame people into believing that abortion is murder. But just repeating these phrases doesn’t change any facts and shouldn’t change any opinions. There are clear differences between early term embryos and late term fetuses. Specifically, a […]