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American IUDs Help African Women Despite Trump Gag Rule and Funding Cuts

by Valerie Tarico, originally published at When Donald Trump was elected, demand for long-acting birth control soared. Planned Parenthood scrambled to schedule appointments. One woman made a sign that said, “My IUD will outlast your presidency!” Others posted the image to social media. Thanks to a determined nonprofit, those defiant IUD purchases in the […]

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Women versus Men in the 2016 election

The image below (original source unknown) is outrageous and politically incorrect. But it’s also funny and insightful. The gender-divide in the support for Hillary versus Trump is extreme. As of mid-October, Hillary was ahead by 20 points among women, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, while Trump leads among men: Looking inside the numbers […]

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Why women — especially older women — rule in Washington State

Out of the 4.6 million registered voters in Washington State, 2.4 million (51.9%) are female. Out of the 3.4 million active registered voters (meaning they’ve voted since 2012), 2.4 million (52.8%) are female. Women rule — or at least decide who rules — in Washington State. Furthermore, older people vote at much higher numbers than […]

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Peeling Back the Polished Pro-Woman Surface of Prolife™ Rhetoric

by Valerie Tarico Prolife leaders trying to convince the world that they are actually pro-woman have failed to convince even their own followers. For years now, the professional class of abortion foes has been working to polish the Prolife brand, claiming that they are not mere fetal fetishists but actually protectors of women, who are […]

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Will Unequal Access to New IUD’s and Implants Worsen America’s Economic Divide?

Unwanted pregnancy is contributing to a new “caste system” in America. Is that about to get worse?  When new and better technologies become available only to people who are already privileged, the rich get richer and opportunity gaps get wider. That’s exactly what’s happening with family planning—and unless trends change, a recent revolution in contraceptive technology […]

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Looking for action?

Find it at Radical Women’s organizing meeting Connect with a multi-racial group of feminists looking to change the world! Take part in updates and discussions on the effort to stop Seattle Housing Authority’s rent-raising “Stepping Forward” plan. Analyze the movement to defend Marissa Alexander, a Black mother going on trial in Florida for defending herself against […]

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Pediatricians Give Thumbs Up to Game Changing Birth Control for Sexually Active Teens

Every year more than 750,000 American teens become pregnant, and over 80 percent of these pregnancies are unplanned. That may be about to change. If teens take to the latest wave of birth control technologies the way they’ve taken to cell phones, unplanned pregnancy could go the way of landlines and stretchy handset cords. On […]

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Orgasm, Inc. The Strange Science of Female Pleasure

This humorous documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look into the ploy by pharmaceutical companies to create a new disease for profit – “female sexual dysfunction.” It illustrates how people are manipulated into thinking they have a physical problem to increase revenues for Big Pharma. Open discussion will be kicked off by Susan Traff, a licensed mental […]

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Inspire Seattle, March 8 — Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military

InspireSeattle invites YOU to join us at our Social Forum: Saturday, March 8th at 6:30PM. Main discussion topic for this evening: Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military There is an extraordinary culture of violence and sexual abuse committed within the U.S. Military. Sarah Blum’s book, Women Under Fire: Abuse in the Military, is a […]