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The Three Splits on the Left

There are three splits on the left: 1. The Democrats are split from the Socialists, Greens,Anarchists and others on the far left, and (2) Within the Democratic Party, the progressive Dems and Berniecrats are split from the mainstream, corporate Dems, and (3) Within the far left, the various factions rarely agree and often have weird […]

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The Seattle Times' self-serving editorial policies

The Seattle Times is actively supporting Rob McKenna for governor by printing $75,750 worth of free full page ads for the Republican gubernatorial candidate, from now til election day. See Seattle Times prints free ad backing McKenna. The Seattle Times itself reports in Times Co. criticized for McKenna, gay-marriage ad campaigns Dozens of Seattle Times […]

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Government is Good: An Unapologetic Defense of a Vital Institution

The Government is Good website has announced that their book Government is Good: An Unapologetic Defense of a Vital Institution is now available in paperback form and as an ebook. Why a book defending government? Because for decades, right-wing forces in this country have engaged in a relentless and irresponsible campaign of vicious government bashing. […]

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Norman Goldman, Bob Hasegawa, and Adam Kline speak at the WPC banquet

Saturday evening I attended Washington Public Campaign’s Annual Awards Banquet, held at South King County Community College. The keynote speaker was progressive radio host Norman Goldman. State Senator Adam Kline was master of ceremonies . State Rep. Bob Hasegawa won the public leadership award.  I’ll summarize some salient points from their speeches and from the […]

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The twelve-step program that works, but probably not for you

Over the last thirty years, Republicans, conservative Democrats, and their well-to-do allies have perfected a twelve-step program that has worked to transform America. Cut taxes and establish loopholes and subsidies for the rich and the corporations, to redistribute wealth upwards, drown government in red ink, and justify slashing of social programs. a. Lowest tax rates […]

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Hopes for this site

It appears that we have some energy to post about events and happening. I am excited about the possibilities for this site. Maybe eventually, we can become the Washington State page for DFA. So far, DFA has not responded to repeated requests to turn on a page for us to use. Migrating or cross-linking should […]