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Is It Time to Send Out an SOS Call?

I am thinking about suggesting that the progressives, radicals, and rabble (that’s me) consider sending out an SOS. Yes, an emergency call.  I think we are there. In this instance I think the SOS will be an emergency call for a Summer of Solidarity (think Summer of Love). Those of us who voted in 2008 […]

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Two Quotes for the Day and Friday the 13th Lobbying Action

The dead will rise and attempt to communicate with the legislators about SB 4944, 4945, 4946 and 4947 “It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medication to the dead.” — Thomas Jefferson M and I are pretty busy preparing for the Friday […]

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Education and the Future

Washington State is pushing college tuition up as part of the budget cutting stage of the Great Recession.  This is exactly the wrong way to go, but it is driven generally by free market forces, forces for deregulation, bubble economy speculators who understand that the current flattened tax table provides the opportunity of a lifetime […]

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Friday the 13th! The Undead Arise and Moan About the Washington State Budget

Be there! or we will eat your brains… It is widely reported in Puget Sound region that the undead are unhappy about the Washington State slash and cut budget. MONSTERMASHBUDGET$LA$H! Friday the 13th! BEWARE! ZOMBIES AT THE CAPITAL! ZOMBIE WALKOUT! Noon! Thinking minds will soon be turned to mash thanks to the privatization of higher […]

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Health Care – East and West

Vermont Governor Shumlin was on Diane Rehm on April 27 talking about the universal health care system bill he is going to sign into law. Cato Institute sent a talking head to spew disinformation on behalf of health care capitalism and insurance CEO salaries. To understand these folks you really have to watch Thank You […]

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Inspire Seattle: whither progressives?

How can we meet basic community needs during difficult (if not desperate) economic and political times? This was the question addressed at a meeting of Inspire Seattle on Saturday night, at the home of David and Shamah Gamrath in West Seattle. During the first hour or so, people networked and ate the pot-lucked food. (It […]

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Boeing ignores taxbreaks, ships jobs to South Carolina and Texas

Two headlines in today’s Seattle Times tell an important story about Boeing: Boeing will refurbish flight-test 747-8s in Texas Boeing: S.C. work won’t stop despite NLRB complaint Yet in the 2008 biennium alone, tax breaks for Boeing cost the state $195 million (reference) in return for taxbreaks meant to keep jobs in Washington State. According […]

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How our legislators should deal with I-1053

There’s a straightforward way for our state legislators to work around Eyman’s I-1053, an initiative that conflicts with several provisions of the state constitution. Will they pursue it? On Feb 29, 2008,  Senate Bill 6931 was brought before the Washington State Senate for a vote.  SB 6931 would have imposed a 42¢ per liter surcharge on the sale of […]

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How the Koch Brothers worked to defeat Democrats in Washington State

[Note: For later news on this topic, see: State Republicans fined for violating reporting requirements in 2010 elections.] In October, 2010 a formal complaint was filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission against the Washington State chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers-funded organization that has promoted the Tea Party and that has […]