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Lip-service investments in higher ed

Two weeks ago, Gov. Chris Gregoire convened a press conference with corporate leaders from Microsoft and Boeing. They were celebrating a breakthrough in higher education. It was a breakthrough, all right — like 60,000 high school graduates walking out onto thin ice and breaking through. The troika offered a life ring for 1,000, through “Opportunity […]

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Norman Goldman, Bob Hasegawa, and Adam Kline speak at the WPC banquet

Saturday evening I attended Washington Public Campaign’s Annual Awards Banquet, held at South King County Community College. The keynote speaker was progressive radio host Norman Goldman. State Senator Adam Kline was master of ceremonies . State Rep. Bob Hasegawa won the public leadership award.  I’ll summarize some salient points from their speeches and from the […]

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Proposed initiative to end perpetual corporate welfare

Paula Joneli of Des Moines has proposed this brilliant citizen initiative. As Martha Koester says, “If it requires 2/3 to raise taxes, why shouldn’t it take 2/3 to enact tax breaks?” An act relating to all Washington State favorable corporate tax treatment. BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: INTENT:  To ensure […]

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A 3D Interactive Visualization of Washington State Senators' Voting Records

Click here for visualization. You can use your arrow keys to navigate in 3D space and compare senators’ voting scores along three dimensions:  labor, environmental, and racial equity. It’s amazing how far apart Democrats and Republicans appear in the 3D space. Feedback is welcome. I updated the page with clearer, brief instructions and explanation on […]

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Resources about Washington Investment Trust (state bank)

Three minute summary, from Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ DVD Extra Preview – Bank of North Dakota A detailed (26 min.) history of the Bank of North Dakota (produced by PrairiePublicBcast) Slides from Bob Hasegawa’s PowerPoint presentation Materials courtesy of Inspire Seattle

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Workers give, business gets in Legislature

You’d be hard pressed to find a better example of “kick-’em when they’re down” politics this year than the workers’ compensation legislation rushed through Olympia on Monday. By the governor’s own estimate, the bill will take about $1 billion that injured workers would have received over the next five years and give it to their […]

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Right wing think tank WPC pushes for state constitutional amendment about super-majority requirements

This website has published a series of articles challenging the constitutionality of I-1053, the voter initiative that imposes a 2/3 super-majority requirement on the legislature to raise taxes or eliminate tax breaks. See I-1053 is apparently unconstitutional, How our legislators should deal with I-1053 and the references therein. The issue of the constitutionality of I-1053 […]

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LAC report: workers' comp, Road Killers, DIME, metro buses, teachers

Workers’ compensation “reform” (Summary: Washington State Labor Council President Jeff Johnson says that House Speaker Frank Chopp and other House Dems deserve strong praise for standing firm and protecting the current workers’ compensation system. Call Chopp and thank him. Call Gregoire and Lisa Brown and ask them to rein in the Senate Road Kill Caucus […]