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Changes are coming to Bellevue. Who will control them? Who will benefit?

A trio of informative, well-written articles has piqued my interest in the future of Bellevue and, specifically, in the questions of who will control the process and who will benefit. None of the articles significantly addressed the role of Kemper Freeman. In addition to addressing his role, this essay discusses further desiderata for making Bellevue […]

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Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen gets covid-19, dies, after denouncing Gov. Inslee’s covid restrictions

CNN is reporting that Washington State Senator Dough Ericksen has died, apparently from covid-19. Ericksen caught covid-19 on a trip to El Salvador, where he was unable to get treatment. This is sad but also ironic, since Ericksen had strongly denounced Gov. Inslee’s covid-19 mandates and restrictions. As of Dec. 19, 2021, his webpage https://dougericksen.src.wastateleg.org/news/ […]

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Joe Lieberman supports the hard right Washington Policy Center

Here’s a good reason to demand more from “Democratic” elected officials than a ‘D’ in parentheses after their name and a blue tee shirt. Otherwise, after they spend a career selling you out they go on to headline fundraisers for the Washington Policy Center, one of our state’s ALEC affiliates and a far-right dumb tank. […]

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Competing bills for universal healthcare in Washington State

Two bills to establish universal health care in Washington State are under consideration by the state senate this session. The Whole Washington’s Health Trust (SB 5204), sponsored by Senators Hasegawa, Kuderer, Liias, Lovelett, Nguyen, Stanford, and Wilson, C., “is fully realized, universal healthcare legislation, complete with specific funding mechanisms and a transition plan. If passed, […]

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Link: Shirley Sutton Sweeps King, Snohomish counties Democrat endorsements

Shirley Sutton Sweeps King, Snohomish counties Democrat endorsements “Shirley Sutton, candidate for the 32nd LD State Representative, Position 1, has swept sole endorsements from: King County Democrats, Snohomish County Democrats and the 32nd Legislative District Democrats. Ms. Sutton, former Lynnwood City Council Member, career educator and community organizer, is challenging incumbent State Representative, Cindy Ryu.”

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Primary candidates barely mention war and military spending

The Washington State Voters’ Pamphlet for the presidential primary election barely mentions the costs of wars and military spending. Tulsi Gabbard’s statement says the most about the topic. “Let us enter into a new century free from the fear of nuclear war, a world where there is real peace….” In the next paragraph she says, […]

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A possible reason why liquor and motor fuel companies are exempt from business tax in HB 2907

Update: I heard from Rep. Nicole Macri’s office that while HB 2907 is dead for the session, the similar bill HB 2948 is still alive. It too contains exemptions for liquor and motor fuel manufacturers. The exemptions are there for consistency with municipal law related to RCW 35.102.130  (“Allocation and apportionment of income”) in the […]

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Two difficult questions about homelessness

Republicans are using the topics of homelessness, drugs, and crime as bludgeons to scare suburban and exurban voters away from the Democratic Party. The tactic is likely to work, to some extent. The film “Seattle is Dying” makes a powerful case that, at least for the minority of low-functioning, high-crime homeless people highlighted in the […]

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Which Washington State lawmakers are most similar in voting?

I downloaded from leg.wa.gov detailed data about bills before the legislature this session, including roll calls. There were 2668 bills listed; 797 of them were voted upon.  Only 100 of them were sent on to the governor, according to the data. The tables below — first for the state Senate, then for the State House […]

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Increasing the Visibility of Washington State Democrats’ many progressive resolutions

Hundreds of active members of the Democratic organizations in Washington State devote substantial time and energy into attending party meetings, working in committees, vetting candidates, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and debating resolutions. Legislative district orgs, county orgs, and state caucuses pass resolutions and send them on to the state Democratic Central Committee, whose […]