All in for Washington: Fighting Washington’s Upside-Down Tax Code

All In For Washington is a statewide effort to clean up the tax code so that all communities in Washington thrive. We know we can do great things when we all chip in our resources together to achieve the amazing things we could never accomplish alone.

Balance our Tax Code has a petition to balance our unfair, regressive tax code.

Washington’s tax code is upside down.

Washington’s tax code is the most upside down in the nation.

Powerful special interests have rigged the system so the rich get richer while working families pay more and more. In Washington, those making the least pay 18% or more of their income towards state and local taxes, while the wealthiest pay only 3% or less. But we can work together to balance our tax code so all our communities thrive. Join us to make it a reality.

Southern Poverty Law Center: Rep. Matt Shea funding far-right hate groups

“Embattled conspiracy theorist and Washington state Republican Rep. Matt Shea has been skirting Washington state law to funnel campaign contributions to far-right nonprofit groups in Colorado and Arizona, a Hatewatch investigation reveals.”

Embattled Washington Rep. Matt Shea is skirting state law to funnel campaign funds to far-right groups



Spokane GOP leader authors ‘Biblical Basis for War’ manifesto calling for end to abortion, same-sex marriage and death of enemies who disagree

FBI investigating Washington state rep. for manifesto urging ‘all males will be killed’

AG Ferguson’s 15th consecutive legal victory against federal government forces FERC to hand over public records

“As a result of Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s lawsuit, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has provided hundreds of pages of communications not previously made public, including documents that show commissioners privately considered a proposal that would have subsidized coal- and nuclear-based power. FERC must pay $23,500 in attorney costs and fees to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office.

This is Ferguson’s 15th consecutive legal victory against the federal government since President Donald Trump took office. The state of Washington has not lost a case against the federal government since January 2017.”

State Senator Maralyn Chase’s concession speech

First of all I want to thank the many people and organizations who have supported me. I was honored by, and proud of, my record as a Democrat and representative of a growing number of people who want to see Medicare for All, the best quality public education, tax fairness, living wage jobs, equal justice with affirmative action and police accountability, affordable housing, and campaign finance reform. I am especially proud of my work to protect the Puget Sound environment, to promote clean energy technology, and mitigate the dire effects of climate change. I look forward to continuing my work with you, the public, to support these policies and principles.

I was one of the first members of the legislature to endorse Bernie Sanders’ campaign and in Tuesday’s election, we saw voters send record numbers of women to Congress who represent a powerful growing movement rising out of Occupy, Black Lives Matter and the Sanders’ campaign. These new women in Congress represent formerly marginalized groups including: Native American, African American, Muslim American, Hispanic American and LGBTQ2 American women. These electoral victories validate my positions on equity, affirmative action and access to the vote. It also validates that people can overcome their prejudices, and become stronger when they refuse to be pitted one against another by those who would profit from their division.

People need to know that this divisive, democrat on democrat campaign for state senate was driven by big money in politics and biased journalism. When people understand that Monsanto, the pro-charter school PAC, Stand for Children, and REALTOR PAC expect legislators to deliver legislation that contradicts tax fairness, that dips into our public school funds for private charter enterprises and undermines the democratic process, they may be shocked.

I want people to know that we can achieve our vision for a just, sustainable and healthy life, if the wealthiest Washingtonians would only pay even half of what they owe on their taxes. Please go to the records in the Department of Revenue 2016 Tax Exemption Study and look at the charts in the introduction and summary of findings. Then look at Chapter 17 on property tax exemptions. When the highest income earners pay minimal or no property taxes it shifts the tax burden to middle and lower income taxpayers who must then pay more taxes.

Some exemptions are for the common good, e.g. tax credits to help people put solar panels on their homes. With an extra $50B a year in tax funding, we could fund every school, fix every road, provide healthcare for all, boost small businesses that provide so many jobs, fund clean technology and jobs training, and protect the Puget Sound.

People are suffering deprivations caused by the manipulation of our government and electoral process by the wealthiest among us. They undermine our cohesion as a people, numb us to the suffering of our neighbors and cause increasing levels of hostility. Now more than ever we should be united in opposition to those people and organizations that would pit us against one another to rob us of the beautiful lives and abundant wealth our work has created.

We know what we stand for and we will continue to fight.

Maralyn Chase

Without Amazon’s interference, San Francisco taxes big business

By   at EOI Online

Two cities struggle to fund homelessness relief. One succeeds.

San Francisco just did something Seattle couldn’t manage: on Election Day, they voted to tax big business to fund homelessness relief.

Like Seattle, San Francisco is a tech city whose rising costs have pushed people out of the area and out of their homes. Also like Seattle, the community asked big business to pay their fair share. Unlike Seattle, they listened.

Proposition C puts a gross receipts tax between 0.175 percent and 0.69 percent on businesses with more than $50 million in gross annual receipts, which would affect companies like Twitter, AirBnB, Uber, and Google. The expected revenue of $250 to $300 million will go to funding permanent housing, mental health services, and short-term shelters for people experiencing homelessness.

Part of the momentum that led this proposition to pass came from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, who came out in support of the tax despite the almost $10 million in additional taxes that will be owed by Salesforce. “Homelessness is all of our responsibility,” Benioff says.

Our community has been shirking that responsibility. With an approximated 8,500 people experiencing homelessness in Seattle, the city is in an accelerating crisis. Passing a person experiencing homelessness on the street is about as shocking to Seattleites today as rain.

This rapid increase is not an isolated circumstance. The factors that leave thousands of people without homes (largely cost of living outpacing wage growth paired with insufficient public supports) are side effects of booming urban economies across the United States. While a booming economy is a good thing, one that leaves people behind isn’t. Ours has left thousands behind in the name of tax savings for big businesses and wealthy individuals- but it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s clear that Seattle’s current infrastructure to support people experiencing homelessness is insufficient. We see a great need for permanent affordable housing, beds in shelters, mental health resources, and basic medical care. A reasonable tax burden on our high-earning corporations could answer this need.

But you might remember things going a little differently with the Head Tax this past summer. When Seattle City Council unanimously approved an employee hours tax to fund homeless services in May, big businesses (in particular, one well-known online retailer) leapt to action.

The Head Tax would have charged $275 per employee on businesses earning more than $20 million a year, and would have generated $47 million toward ending Seattle’s homelessness crisis.

Amazon by the numbers

Despite Seattle’s increasing cost of living and rates of homelessness showing a direct correlation with Amazon’s rise, Bezos sent the clear message that he thought it wasn’t his problem. Amazon halted construction on a building, threatened to leave Seattle, and funded the No Tax on Jobs repeal campaign to avoid paying 0.26 percent of its profits to fund necessary homelessness services.

Correlating with Amazon’s growth, King County rents have increased 53 percent in the last 5 years. In King County, every 5 percent increase in rent puts 258 more people on the street, and 93 percent of people experiencing homelessness in King County did not come from elsewhere, but were instead pushed into homelessness within their own communities. One in every 13 children in Seattle’s public school system is homeless. LGBTQ youth and people of color are disproportionately likely to experience homelessness.

Despite all this, Amazon’s power was felt and its interests were prioritized. The head tax was repealed.

Benioff’s use of his platform and his funds to advocate for the Yes on C campaign contributed enormously to the ultimate passage of the proposition. It’s not to say that other tech companies didn’t pose fierce opposition, or that the voices of community members didn’t pave the way, but interests of individuals like Benioff and Bezos have a disproportionate influence on political decisions that impact all of our futures.

For better or for worse, the wealthy get their way, and they have the power to catalyze change.

Should such individuals follow Benioff’s example and assume membership in the communities they’ve made their home, they can save and improve thousands of lives and alleviate systemic suffering. The only price tag is shouldering a fair share of tax contributions.

Addressing these issues now will actually save everyone money in the long-run.

We can’t expect outcomes for people experiencing homelessness to get better on their own, and we can’t be surprised if rates continue to increase because greater action is not taken.

We need revenue to fund necessary programs to address the systems that create homelessness. Homelessness services, accessible healthcare, and affordable education are all within reach if those earning big paychecks, both businesses and individuals, pay their fair share in taxes. If anything is to change in our city and state, this is an essential first step that will benefit each of us.

Instead, for the time being, we get to watch San Francisco do what we couldn’t. And while I know Washingtonians don’t want California to win, we should celebrate their accomplishment. Prop C still has a long road ahead, but it shows an important paradigm shift in corporate responsibility and community solidarity. We in Seattle should strive for the same, and should continue pushing our lawmakers and corporations to follow suit.

“The big companies are making so much money here, they might as well give some of it back” says Michael Kane, a 54 year old man who has been experiencing homelessness for 8 years and just landed a bed in a shelter. “I mean, really, we need the help.”

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“Each year, local governments spend nearly $100 billion to move headquarters and factories between states. It’s a wasteful exercise that requires a national solution.”

Who’s buying votes in Washington State?

The Supreme Court said that political spending is a form of free speech. But they allow states to require donors to submit reports of their spending. Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission collects such data and makes it available on their website.

I downloaded the database of campaign contributions from this link. The database has 3,831,155 records, dating back to about 2001. It includes individual donations by citizens like me, as well as donations by large corporations and organizations.

Contributions from 2018 show huge amounts spend by Big Oil and by beverage companies, no doubt to prevent a carbon tax (I-1631) and to try to convince voters to support I-1634, which would make taxes on beverages and other groceries illegal.

MariaDB [contributions]> select `Contributor name`, sum(Amount) from contrib where `Receipt date` > '2018-01-01' group by 1 order by 2 DESC limit 200;
| Contributor name                                                          | sum(Amount) |
| BP AMERICA                                                                | 13125362.77 |
| THE COCA-COLA COMPANY                                                     |  9701582.33 |
| PEPSICO, INC.                                                             |  7314788.48 |
| PHILLIPS 66                                                               |  7218094.47 |
| ANDEAVOR [Now owned by Marathon Petroleum Corporation]                    |  4362827.17 |
| THE NATURE CONSERVANCY                                                    |  3375771.27 |
| HARRY TRUMAN FUND                                                         |  2382010.25 |
| KENNEDY FUND                                                              |  2171532.25 |
| KEURIG DR PEPPER (FKA DR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP, INC.)                      |  2124220.60 |
| MISCELLANEOUS RECEIPTS                                                    |  2039187.94 |
| THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL                                                    |  1694500.00 |
| LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERS                                             |  1442614.30 |
| ENTERPRISE WASHINGTON'S JOBS PAC                                          |  1279600.00 |
| AMERICAN FUEL AND PETROCHEMICAL MANUFACTURERS                             |  1250000.00 |
| ALLEN PAUL G                                                              |  1228795.44 |
| SEIU 775 QUALITY CARE COMMITTEE                                           |  1008695.17 |
| GATES WILLIAM H  III                                                      |  1002000.00 |
| BLOOMBERG MICHAEL                                                         |  1000000.00 |
| VALERO ENERGY CORPORATION                                                 |   995000.00 |
| HANAUER NICOLAS                                                           |   989018.00 |
| KOCH INDUSTRIES, INC.                                                     |   950000.00 |
| DR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP, INC.                                             |   911021.38 |
| SEIU 775                                                                  |   900035.96 |
| REPUBLICAN STATE LEADERSHIP CO                                            |   775000.00 |
| HOUSE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE                                       |   770291.72 |
| SEIU HEALTHCARE 1199 NW                                                   |   753231.94 |
| HANAUER LESLIE                                                            |   746518.00 |
| PUYALLUP TRIBE OF INDIANS                                                 |   712696.00 |
| THE REAGAN FUND                                                           |   692977.76 |
| WASHINGTON STATE DEMOCRATS                                                |   678484.68 |
| SMALL CONTRIBUTIONS                                                       |   674827.35 |
| HOUSE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CAMPAIGN COMM.                                    |   660000.00 |
| JUSTICE FOR ALL PAC                                                       |   640500.00 |
| WASHINGTON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION PAC                                      |   637000.00 |
| BALLMER CONNIE                                                            |   623000.00 |
| STOLTE CHRIS                                                              |   614000.00 |
| BALLMER STEVEN                                                            |   613500.00 |
| MCKIBBEN CRAIG                                                            |   581000.00 |
| U.S. OIL & REFINING COMPANY                                               |   558531.31 |
| WASHINGTON STATE REPUBLICAN PARTY                                         |   551214.67 |
| NORTHWEST REGIONAL ORGANIZING COALITION                                   |   523069.65 |
| EVERYTOWN FOR GUN SAFETY ACTION FUND                                      |   511500.00 |
| MERNER SARAH                                                              |   503500.00 |
| ACTION NOW INITIATIVE LLC                                                 |   500000.00 |
| CHEVRON U.S.A. INC.                                                       |   500000.00 |
| SENATE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE                                      |   498186.50 |
| WASHINGTON SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN                                     |   461096.16 |
| PSE OF WA                                                                 |   457168.28 |
| WA STATE DEMOCRATS                                                        |   456218.56 |
| HOUSE REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATIONA                                            |   422500.00 |
| HOUSE REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITTEE                                 |   416996.85 |
| WASHINGTON EDUCATION ASSOCIATION                                          |   404442.05 |
| PBF ENERGY, INC.                                                          |   400000.00 |
| LAURENE POWELL JOBS TRUST                                                 |   400000.00 |
| MUCKLESHOOT INDIAN TRIBE                                                  |   392300.00 |
| SEIU HEALTHCARE 1199NW                                                    |   360329.79 |
| VULCAN INC                                                                |   347100.00 |
| NEW DIRECTION PAC                                                         |   341751.17 |
| TESORO COMPANIES, INC.                                                    |   339000.00 |
| HOUSE DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE                                |   332476.26 |
| WASHINGTON INDIAN GAMING ASSOCIATION                                      |   329000.00 |
| PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY                                                       |   329000.00 |
| SEIU WA STATE COUNCIL                                                     |   312500.00 |
| UFCW 21                                                                   |   308191.42 |
| WA EDUCATION ASSN PAC (WEA PAC)                                           |   304000.00 |
| WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS PAC                                    |   303000.00 |
| SEIU LOCAL 925                                                            |   299505.83 |
| PROCEEDS FROM LOW COST FUNDRAISER                                         |   295494.47 |
| WASHINGTON CONSERVATION VOTERS                                            |   275427.51 |
| WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS                                        |   271800.00 |
| SEIU WASHINGTON STATE COUNCIL PAC                                         |   265500.00 |
| AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION INC.                                       |   252225.00 |
| HANAUER NICOLAS J                                                         |   252000.00 |
| THE HOLLYFRONTIER COMPANIES                                               |   250000.00 |
| SOUTH KING COUNTY DESERVES BETTER                                         |   250000.00 |
| SENATE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COM                                            |   247000.00 |
| SEIU HEALTHCARE UNITED FOR QUALITY CARE 1199 NW                           |   246000.00 |
| CITIZENS COMMITTEE FOR THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS                    |   243855.84 |
| CORNFIELD LINDA                                                           |   243000.00 |
| WASHINGTON FEDERATION OF STATE EMPLOYEES                                  |   238800.00 |
| RED BULL NORTH AMERICA                                                    |   238387.21 |
| GREEN ADVOCACY PROJECT                                                    |   230000.00 |
| OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION                                                   |   230000.00 |
| WASHINGTON ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL                                          |   220417.94 |
| SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION                                     |   218498.75 |
| ACLU WASHINGTON                                                           |   205815.73 |
| PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEES OF WA POLITICAL FUND                              |   202668.39 |
| MILLIKEN ROGER  JR                                                        |   200000.00 |
| NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA                                     |   200000.00 |
| GRANTHAM JEREMY                                                           |   200000.00 |
| AFSCME                                                                    |   200000.00 |
| BUILDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF WASHINGTON                               |   195064.35 |
| ACLU OF WASHINGTON                                                        |   192834.54 |
| JOINT COUNCIL OF TEAMSTERS NO. 28                                         |   187622.21 |
| SEIU INITIATIVE FUND                                                      |   187500.00 |
| UFCW 21 PAC                                                               |   186125.00 |
| CENTENE MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC                                            |   178000.00 |
| HDCC                                                                      |   175154.01 |
| MICROSOFT                                                                 |   173250.00 |
| PHRMA                                                                     |   171000.00 |
| SEIU HEALTHCARE 1199NW PAC                                                |   166904.61 |
| MASTER BUILDERS ASSOCIATION OF KING & SNO COUNTIES                        |   162900.01 |
| WASHINGTON HOSPITAL PAC                                                   |   155500.00 |
| NORTHWEST REGIONAL ORGANIZING COALITION PAC                               |   155000.00 |
| WASHINGTON STATE LABOR COUNCIL                                            |   153993.64 |
| PUGET SOUND ENERGY                                                        |   153144.00 |
| VOTER ACTION                                                              |   150000.00 |
| KING COUNTY REPUBLICAN CENTRAL COMMITTEE NEX                              |   142000.00 |
| WASHINGTON STATE DENTAL PAC                                               |   141550.00 |
| CORNFIELD DAVID                                                           |   140000.00 |
| KEMPER HOLDINGS, LLC                                                      |   140000.00 |
| FRONT AND CENTERED / LATINO COMMUNITY FUND                                |   138699.32 |
| WASHINGTON HOSPITALITY ASSOCIATION PAC                                    |   138500.00 |
| ORR JAMES L                                                               |   132000.00 |
| STOLTE CHRISTOPHER                                                        |   127000.00 |
| CLEAN AIR CLEAN ENERGY WA                                                 |   125000.00 |
| SEIU LOCAL 925 PUBLIC SERVICE PAC                                         |   123583.45 |
| MENNET LISA                                                               |   121000.00 |
| GOLDMAN PETER                                                             |   120350.00 |
| SEIU WASHINGTON STATE COUNCIL                                             |   120000.00 |
| COMMITTEE TO ELECT JUDITH WARN                                            |   120000.00 |
| CREDIT UNION LEGISLATIVE ACTION FUND                                      |   117905.50 |
| THE BOEING COMPANY PAC                                                    |   117000.00 |
| PEOPLE FOR PEDERSEN SURPLUS FUNDS ACCOUNT                                 |   116250.00 |
| FRANKENBURG SIBYL                                                         |   115000.00 |
| OLBRECHTS KRISTEN E                                                       |   115000.00 |
| WA SENATE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN                                             |   114832.40 |
| COMMITTEE TO ELECT JT WILCOX -                                            |   113200.00 |
| WASHINGTON AFFORDABLE HOUSING COUNCIL                                     |   112000.00 |
| WASHINGTON STATE DENTAL ASSOCIATION PAC                                   |   111500.00 |
| WASHINGTON STATE DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN                                      |   111273.82 |
| SWINOMISH TRIBAL COMMUNITY                                                |   110200.00 |
| SABEY CORPORATION                                                         |   109500.00 |
| PUGET SOUND CHAPTER NECA PAC                                              |   108000.00 |
| TORRANCE MARK                                                             |   107000.00 |
| KEMPER HOLDINGS LLC                                                       |   107000.00 |
| WASHINGTON STATE COUNCIL OF FIRE FIGHTERS PAC                             |   105000.00 |
| WA MEDICAL PAC                                                            |   105000.00 |
| FRIENDS OF DAN KRISTIANSEN - S                                            |   105000.00 |
| NORDHOFF NANCY S                                                          |   104500.00 |
| CHEVRON POLICY GOVT & PUBL AFFAIRS                                        |   104000.00 |
| HENNESSY JOHN                                                             |   102935.00 |
| ASSOCIATION OF WASHINGTON BUSI                                            |   102000.00 |
| TAYLOR KATHRYN                                                            |   101000.00 |
| NW ENERGY EFFICIENCY COUNCIL                                              |   100550.00 |
| WEYERHAEUSER GEORGE                                                       |   100500.00 |
| MOGA GREGORY                                                              |   100500.00 |
| PREMERA BLUE CROSS                                                        |   100200.00 |
| WASHINGTON HOSPITAL SERVICES                                              |   100100.00 |
| PETERSON KENNETH                                                          |   100050.00 |
| FRIENDS OF FRANK CHOPP SURPLUS ACCOUNT                                    |   100000.00 |
| THACHER NANCY                                                             |   100000.00 |
| COMMUNITY HEALTH NETWORK OF WA                                            |   100000.00 |
| NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY                                                  |   100000.00 |
| ATTWOOD JAMES A  JR                                                       |   100000.00 |
| PACKARD JULIE                                                             |   100000.00 |
| FRIENDS OF DREW STOKESBARY- SU                                            |   100000.00 |
| BENIOFF MARC R                                                            |   100000.00 |
| O'NEILL DANIEL D                                                          |   100000.00 |
| HANAUER LENORE M                                                          |   100000.00 |
| STEYER THOMAS                                                             |   100000.00 |
| DLCC                                                                      |   100000.00 |
| SEATTLE FOUNDATION                                                        |   100000.00 |
| HEYWOOD BRIAN                                                             |   100000.00 |
| BARDACKE FRANKLIN                                                         |   100000.00 |
| THACHER DAVID                                                             |   100000.00 |
| NEW DIRECTION                                                             |   100000.00 |
| KESSEL STEVEN                                                             |   100000.00 |
| GREEN TECH ACTION FUND                                                    |   100000.00 |
| SONNENFELDT MICHAEL                                                       |   100000.00 |
| DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATIVE CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE                                 |   100000.00 |
| DELTA DENTAL                                                              |    99500.00 |
| WA CHARTERS ACTION                                                        |    97656.02 |
| WASHINGTON FOOD INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION                                      |    95000.00 |
| BUILDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION                                             |    95000.00 |
| WASHINGTON HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION PAC                                    |    93000.00 |
| BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY                                                      |    91000.00 |
| PSE SEIU 1948                                                             |    90951.80 |
| WA ST. COUNCIL OF CO & CITY EMPLOYEES                                     |    90750.00 |
| UNITED FOOD & COMMERCIAL WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION                      |    90000.00 |
| SEATTLE POLICE OFFICER'S GUILD                                            |    90000.00 |
| ALTRIA CLIENT SERVICES LLC                                                |    89000.00 |
| CLIMATE SOLUTIONS                                                         |    88626.35 |
| LOCAL 48 ELECTRICIANS PAC COMM                                            |    86947.26 |
| CIVIC VENTURES                                                            |    86860.50 |
| FISHER KENNETH L                                                          |    86500.00 |
| NISQUALLY INDIAN TRIBE                                                    |    85750.00 |
| FERRERA KRISTIN M                                                         |    85325.00 |
| JOE FITZGIBBON CAMPAIGN SURPLUS ACCOUNT                                   |    85000.00 |
| WASHBANKPAC                                                               |    83000.00 |
| WESTERN STATES PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION                                      |    81878.65 |
| WEYERHAEUSER                                                              |    81100.00 |
| THARINGER SURPLUS FUNDS ACCOUNT                                           |    81000.00 |
| BLUMENTHAL JABEZ                                                          |    80500.00 |
| STAND FOR CHILDREN WASHINGTON PAC                                         |    80250.00 |
200 rows in set (4.90 sec)

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Maralyn Chase for State Senate!

by Sue Peters

  1. SENATOR MARALYN CHASE is the only candidate in the race with over 16 years of distinguished, award-winning experience in state government as both a representative and senator.
  2. CHASE is the only candidate with firsthand knowledge of the state’s legislative processes. And as the legislature’s delegate to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), Chase draws on her extensive knowledge about international and domestic trade. She also works closely with Washington State tribes and rural populations in her work as chair of the Economic Development and International Trade.
  3. MARALYN CHASE is a proven progressive legislative leader. In the 2018 session, as a member of the Rules Committee, Chase was instrumental in moving a record number of Democratic bills to passage by Senate Democrats. They passed: the 2017 Capital Construction Budget, investments in education to satisfy McCleary, a statewide property tax cut, gun safety measures, equal pay for women, protections against sexual harassment, the Net Neutrality Act, the Reproductive Parity Act to require employer insurance to allow women to make their own reproductive choices and for preventive healthcare, protections for college students from predatory loans, a ban on conversion therapy, an expansion of the Breakfast After the Bell Program, the phasing out of salmon net farms, expansion of higher education for Dreamers, reforms for juvenile justice to reduce recidivism and racial disproportionality, prohibition of housing discrimination for renters using Section 8 vouchers, and also Ban the Box, for equal employment. In this session, Chase also co-sponsored or supported the passage of other key bills on gun safety, school funding, and lowering taxes. Chase helped to pass a groundbreaking ban on bump stocks on guns. She and her colleagues passed multiple bills on housing, and provided $107 million for the Housing Trust Fund in the Biennial Capitol Budget, which preserves and builds affordable housing for those at the lowest income levels. Chase supported the allocation of funds to recommend a plan to create a state’s public bank to save $4 billion a year in debt service to Wall Street banks. Senator Chase introduced the “Healthy Washington” bill, modeled on the California’s single-payer healthcare bill that passed in their state senate.
  4. You can count on MARALYN CHASE to defend your civil rights. In 2018 Chase worked with Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos to introduce the first bill in the Senate to reinstate Affirmative Action. She also promoted passage of the revision to the 1943 Equal Pay Act, requiring employers to provide equal pay and opportunities to their employees regardless of gender.  She and her colleagues passed three bills ensuring voting rights, same-day registration and prohibiting racially based gerrymandering. Chase has always been far ahead on LGBTQ2 rights and helped pass the 2018 bill prohibiting conversion therapy. Chase is a vocal supporter of I-940 to de-escalate police violence, and demand accountability in police involved shootings. Her strong civil rights and human rights record is one of the reasons she has earned the sole endorsement of State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson.
  5. CHASE has always been a champion for the environment and for education. In 2011, she wrote the bill to shut down TransAlta, the state’s dirtiest coal plant. In 2015, she chaired the committee for Initiative 522, to require labeling of genetically modified foods. It lost by a narrow margin after large corporations spent $22 million to oppose it, setting a state record for money spent on a ballot measure. Chase is now facing retaliation by Monsanto, which now funds her opponent, Jesse Salomon. Chase works hard to protect the Puget Sound, wild salmon runs, works with local tribes and family fishing businesses to promote sustainable and local business operations. This includes co-sponsoring the 2018 bill to phase out toxic salmon pen farming. In 2004, Chase helped lead the effort to overturn a charter school bill passed by the legislature. Her position was affirmed by the voters who passed a referendum to reject charter schools. (In contrast, her current opponent, Jesse Salomon, has received over $40,000 in financial support and an endorsement from pro-charter-school privatizers, Stand for Children.) Senator Chase organized a bipartisan hearing on Common Core standards in 2017 to ask the difficult questions about a costly and undemocratically imposed initiative on K-12 education.
  6. CHASE has been recognized for her legislative advocacy by numerous organizations. In 2015, the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides awarded Chase the Rachel Carson Award for her work in reducing cancer-causing pesticides in the food chain, such as Roundup.  The National Minority Business Advisory Council named Chase their “2017 Legislator of the Year” for her role in the unanimous passage of SB 5734. This legislation guarantees equal opportunity in bidding for small works contracts with state and federal agencies. According to the Shoreline Area News, “Chase, D-Edmonds, was chosen for her work on the Small Business Bonding Relief bill, which brought Washington state’s government contracting provisions into compliance with federal law governing small works bonding requirements.” Said Chase, “As a former small business owner, I understand the challenges these companies face on a daily basis. I’m proud to accept this award, and will continue to work hard for small, minority businesses statewide.”
  7. MARALYN CHASE brings a wealth of experience to the legislature. After she earned her BA and MA degrees from the University of Washington in political science, she organized for women’s reproductive rights and was a labor advocate. Chase built a successful family business in the construction trades and knows what it takes to run a business and a family. Her policies come from knowing that in order to have a good life, people need a good education, a good job, a good home and a healthy environment. Her policies are people-focused. When evaluating the merits of a proposal, Chase always asks, “How will this policy affect people?“
  8. MARALYN is committed to engaging in dialogue with constituents and organizations to shape her policies. She has been a strong progressive voice and a people’s representative. She has a history of courageously defending people from the agendas of powerful interests.
  9. MARALYN CHASE’S commitment to democracy is the reason she is endorsed by a broad and diverse coalition that includes: the 32ndDistrict Democrats, Snohomish and King County Democrats, the Metropolitan Democrats, the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington, Washington State Labor Council, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, Washington Education Association (WEA), Congressman Rick Larsen, State Sen. Manka Dhingra, State Sen. Sharon Nelson, State Sen. John McCoy, State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, Seattle City Council Member Teresa Mosqueda, City Councilmembers from Shoreline, Lynwood, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Washington State Federation of Democratic Women, Young Democrats of Washington, Snohomish County Young Democrats, Washington State Progressive Caucus, Environment and Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democratic Party, Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund, National Women’s Political Caucus, Our Revolution, WA State, and National, Planned Parenthood Votes, SEAMEC, Sierra Club, Swinomish Tribal Community, Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS), Win With Women PAC, Washington Conservation Voters, The Cannabis Alliance, Carbon Washington, Tree PAC, Equal Rights Washington, Washington State Council of Firefighters, Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751 (IAM 751), AFSCME Council 28/Washington Federation of State Employees, American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Washington, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, IBEW Local 77, Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific (IBU), International Union of Operating Engineers Local 609 (IUOE Local 609), Washington State Nurses Association-PAC 5/22, Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund, Washington Interior Systems Local Union No. 41, Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30, and many others.
  10. MARALYN CHASE has not accepted campaign money or support from multinational pharmaceutical, oil and chemical corporations like Chevron, Merck, Phrma and Monsanto, or anti-union, education privatizers, Stand for Childrenunlike her opponent, Jesse Salomon, who has.
  11. *BONUS REASON* SENATOR MARALYN CHASE has not resorted to negative campaigning or smear tactics, unlike her opponent, Jesse Salomon and his wealthy backers, Stand for Children PAC, WA REALTORS PAC and the deceptively named “Democratic Friends,” which is funded by Friends of Cindy Ryu, Elect Jesse Salomon, and Elect Lauren Davis. At a recent forum, when asked if he would denounce the many deceitful mailers attacking Chase which have bombarded the 32ndLegislative District on his behalf, Salomon refused. (As did Ryu and Davis.)

 Experience Matters. Character Matters. Courage Matters.


What others have said about Maralyn Chase:

“State Rep. Maralyn Chase (…) has been a dedicated liberal voice in the legislature for the past 16 years, fighting to double the estate tax to pay for student aid; pushing legislation to give local governments the ability to place a cap on condo conversions; and proposing quixotic (but righteous) environmental legislation, including a ban on petroleum-based plastic water bottles; a carbon tax; a ban on plastic bags, and a ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.

Chase’s unabashed liberalism (she testified in support of impeaching George Bush) will be a nice jolt to the Senate caucus, where proposals such as an effort to end big bank tax loopholes died last session.

(…) People laugh at her for being a crazy lefty, but two years after Chase introduced a global warming bill, Gregoire introduced it herself.”

 — PubliCola endorsement of Chase when she first ran for State Senate in 2010

RE-ELECT Maralyn Chase to State Senate, District 32!


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Stand for Children’s and WA Realtors’ suspicious campaign spending

According to the state Public Disclosure Commission, STAND FOR CHILDREN PAC spent $456,189.36 in 2018, much of it for “MAILER Independent expenditures” and “DIGITAL Ad Campaign Independent Expenditures.” Here’s a partial list of their expenditures.

Itemized expenditures: 456,189.36


“Stand for Children  is a front for corporations, hedge funders and investment bankers who have thrown their wealth behind a national campaign to destroy teachers unions and privatize our public schools. Bill Gates, the Walmart family, New Profit venture fund, J P Morgan Chase, etc. have donated millions to SFC over the past 2-3 years, allowing it to expand to Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Washington.” More about SFC here:
You can see the candidates SFC supported in 2018 here.

This query page at the PDC website says that STAND FOR CHILDREN WASHINGTON PAC paid $32,250.00 to WA REALTORS PAC, in 2018.


Cash contributions: 1,096,130.38
In-kind contributions: 90,878.50

Top 45 contributors to this campaign

Amounts shown are aggregate totals of cash and in-kind contributions.

Why is STAND FOR CHILDREN giving money to the realtors’ PAC?

WA REALTORS PAC spent  $1,697,622.64 in 2018.  What are they trying to buy?

Jesse Salomon, candidate for State Senate in the 32nd LD, is a beneficiary of spending by both these PACs. According to this PDC page, Salomon received:

Friends of Cindy Ryu, Elect Jesse Salomon and Elect Lauren Davis used the deceptive name, “Democratic Team” to hide their identities to contribute “Est 28K.”  All of these are listed under “Contributions to Salomon.” I wonder if it’s a campaign violation for other candidates to mis-identify themselves as ‘Democratic Team.”

Unlike her opponent, Senator Chase does not rely on deceptive negative ads, nor take the big bucks from Monsanto, Chevron, Merck and pro-charter school privatizers such as STAND FOR CHILDREN.

Realtor and pro-charter school PACs trying to buy a state senate seat for Jesse Salomon

In the 32nd Legislative District race between progressive incumbent Maralyn Chase and corporate Democrat Jesse Salomon, outside interests are spending big bucks and sending out attack ads against Chase. According to the Public Disclosure Commission’s data, Washington Realtors Political Action Committee and Stand for Children WA PAC (a charter schools PAC funded by billionaries) have donated over $37,000 each to Jesse Salmon’s campaign.

Top independent expenditures for/against this campaign

Independent expenditures are made by third parties without the candidate’s approval or collaboration.

Senator Chase is one of the most progressive members of the state senate.  Her record on civil rights, the environment, Single payer healthcare, affirmative action, environment and clean energy, keeping public schools public, and reproductive rights is outstanding. Unlike her opponent, Senator Chase does not take the big bucks from the oil, gas, and coal industry, and instead prioritizes the “health of our families, climate, and democracy over fossil fuel industry profits.”